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Take My Hand

Updated: Nov 3

Lately I find myself purposely avoiding writing blog posts, creating YouTube videos and even slapping up a quick post or reel on Instagram or Facebook.

No, it is not writer's block or difficulty creating content.

It's actually a result of the following reasons:

1) Enjoying the free time living my REAL LIFE privately.

2) Evaluating data and recognizing the overwhelming lack of interest in my content.

3) Choosing NOT to deliver the type of content this world values most according to the research and statistics.

4) Desiring to do God's Will over my own.

5) Offering empowering emotional support that truly matters, either in person or via the chat/message options available here on this site; hence the title of this post "Take My Hand."

Keeping it real as I mindfully live slowly learning how to best implement my purpose; including hopefully helping you to embrace your own unique purpose.

Take my hand, tell me your story, and know that you are not alone on this challenging journey called life.

If you are contemplating ending your life, PLEASE call or text 988 available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Top Ten Life Lessons so far for this lifelong learner:

Talk Soon :)


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