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What dreams may come often depends upon what we feed into our brains. Sometimes I have disturbing dreams which haunt me from my past regrets reminding me to be grateful for new mercies everyday.

Other times I have beautiful hopeful dreams which provide crystal clarity and direction for God's Will for my life like the one I had last night.

It is truly an answered prayer to my daily request for the knowledge of His Will and the power to carry it out one day at a time.

Lately, through my dream last night, recent conversations with real people, readings, church sermons, prayers, music, television episodes, podcasts, social media posts, internet research, and other resources or influences; God has revealed the timely and needed topic of LIFE AFTER DIVORCE through the "Helper" aka "Friend" aka Holy Spirit as the specific target area I am being called to testify about and to invite your testimonies, questions, or concerns on this subject as well.

Riding on the coattails of our Emeritus Senior Pastor Tom Lance from The Grove Community Church celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary in addition to serving on staff for just as long and counting...

Last night's vivid dream about several families I know personally who have suffered severe gut, heart, and soul-wrenching fracturing rendered by the dissolution of long lasting marriages including myself, made it abundantly apparent that this is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Plenty of Christian texts and media including [but not limited to] The Holy Bible exist to promote and encourage staying married for your entire lifetime, "until death do us part."

This is of course the ideal and BEST possible outcome. It is fantastic when married couples make the decision from the beginning that divorce is not an option for themselves, and then do the work to honor that daily choice throughout their marriage!

Practicing PURITY before and throughout the marriage is another idealistic godly concept which has often surfaced lately in my discussions, literature, and through other influencers I willingly invite and welcome into my headspace on a regular basis.


What about those of us who continue to suffer the natural consequences of divorce?

Can there still be JOY and an abundant life for us?

You betcha!!!

In my intimate prayer and meditation time upon waking from my dream this new morning I wondered out loud if I am to write a book or give a talk or share a blog post about this relatable topic? The enemy immediately attempted to shoot arrows of doubt and fear with accusations like "Remember? you said so yourself yesterday... You can't market or sell anything including books, motivational speaking engagements, or counseling services!" Good thing I suited up with the full Ephesians 6 armor of God first so I could deflect those flaming arrows!

Before I could seriously consider any of the above, it would be helpful to collect data and to hear back from you first. Would you be willing to share (anonymously, if you prefer) your story about life (restoration, recovery, faith, hope, forgiveness, love) after divorce? If so, let's chat!

May you be redeemed, restored, and encouraged today my friends and family.

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