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Updated: Apr 23

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

[former First Lady] Eleanor Roosevelt

We get to choose whatsoever [Philippians 4] praiseworthy, lovely, honorable, and true thoughts we allow into our headspace.

Farmer's Market

We choose the images and concepts we feed onto our brains.

Sometimes we are unfortunately involuntarily subjected to environmental factors and influences we would prefer to avoid. Even then we have a choice in how we engage with the stimulus. We can choose to be in this world without being of this world.

Farmer's Market Fresh Eggs

Life is full of choices.

Take thoughts captive and make them obey!
Bible Verse

I may say “I Don’t Care” but I really do care:

(Video link in image above)

I need to walk away from this post for a little while to be fully present in my next chosen activity for the day.

Perhaps I’ll return a bit later…

Until then, may you smile, breathe deeply, in gratitude for your breath and reasons to smile in this moment my friends.


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