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Maybe we can be anything we choose to be!

Maybe we were created and chosen for such a time as this!

Maybe we are discovering our carefully crafted purpose one day at a time!

Maybe instead of "manifesting" my "vision" with the help of the "universe," my GOD is giving me the Psalm 37:4 desires of my heart because I delight in HIM!



Even if this YouTube channel only serves the purpose of sharing beautiful bedtime stories with my precious granddaughter Kalani

across the Atlantic Ocean,

it is enough for me.

If others happen to enjoy the stories with us, that is icing on the proverbial cake!

As for me, I will continue to pray like it depends on God, and work [serve] like it depends on me! Because in my experience, both are true!

Do what you love.

Love what you do.

I happen to love reading, writing, editing, photography, creating reels on Instagram, dancing, swimming, playing, nature walks, educating, counseling, dreaming, praising, petting pets, singing joyfully, mindfulness meditations, yoga, prioritizing peace, loving God and people to name a few of my favorite things.

What do you love? What are a few of your favorite things? How often do you get to do them? Are you satisfied with your life choices so far? If not, how can I help? Take my hand. Let's chat!

Do you struggle with anxiety or fears?

WHY do I share part of my Daily Dancing with you via Instagram Reels? Because it is one of many ways I express my gratitude, praise, and joy for what my God has done in my life! He has healed my broken heart, plantar fasciitis, spiritual malady, depression, and so much more! My Higher Power has redeemed, restored, renewed, and is in the power of now bringing revival for the lost, broken, anxious, and hurting who have ears to hear. So I will DANCE and SING and SHOUT OUT with grateful glee comfortable in my own skin FINALLY!

May you be healed and be able to sing "It is well with my soul" after your own sweet surrender friends, family, and foes.

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