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Updated: Mar 31

Whether it's noticing the lovely heart creatively foamed on the top of your favorite latte, intuitively knowing what your body needs in this moment, or reading a book which captures your imagination that has you appreciating the imagery in cloud formations above; noticing is a peaceful, useful practice of curiosity allowing us to see the beauty in others and the world around us at large.

Not too long ago, I read this exquisite children's book, by the same name as this post, on my former YouTube Channel. Since then I have deleted that channel for reasons related to ego and lack of a streamlined focus. The replacement channel began with sharing beloved bedtime stories originally displaying that name. Then it evolved into Grateful Gwen Good Reads overtime adding videos more geared toward adult enlightenment and self improvement such as Practicing Mindfulness and Intuitive Eating. Not that there is anything wrong with those good reads, but it was not the original intention for this channel.

As a result, my Higher Power directed me back on track:

TODAY I am genuinely excited to share with you...


As much as I would love to share all of the wonderful meditations and mindfulness mantras from this helpful book below with you; reality has announced "out of storage space" with Wix managed site until plan is upgraded.

Life is full of choices.

Choose wisely.

May your God-given intuition serve you and others well today friends.

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