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Counselor Cliche Confessions

Updated: May 3

Happily Ever After
Examples of cliches

Cliche is defined as an overused phrase or opinion lacking originality. Borrowed the image above from to demonstrate some common examples you may know. Confident you could list many more examples in addition to these.

What are some of your favorite sayings, mantras, or cliches, and why do they resonate with you?

Here are a few of mine:

1. Life is a journey, not a destination.

The older (and hopefully wiser) I get, the more I realize that happiness is not achieved by reaching a particular goal, title, relationship or career status, financial success, material acquisition, or any other accomplishment we are striving to achieve. No. It really is much more about the journey (growth) it takes to get there and the unforgettable poignant moments and lessons learned along the way.

2. The grass isn't greener on the other side.

This one can be particularly painful resulting in broken hearts for entire families through ripple effects, if this old adage is not heeded and the yard not watered and cared for over the years. Or it could be applied to jumping ship at a career too often or too many times resulting in a loss of seniority, meaningful relationships, advancement opportunities, pay raises, or any other number of possible downsides from trying to escape or avoid unpleasant responsibilities. Don't get me wrong. Sometimes change is good. But it is important to remember:

3. Wherever you go there you are.

If you find yourself continuously unhappy in your job, relationships, financial situation, fitness level, conflicts, drama, suffering, or other aspects of your life; it may be time to STOP to take an honest look in the mirror. If you notice a common theme that all your woes are someone else's fault, it may be time to START shifting your mindset to taking some responsibility by owning your part, and empowering yourself instead of blaming everyone else.

"Nothing has changed but my attitude, therefore, everything has changed."

Anthony de Mello

No doubt I will add more mantras, cliches or common sayings below as they come to mind... But for NOW, I would prefer to read your favorites in the comments!

Value your life today and the lives of those you love and appreciate because we are not promised tomorrow!

  • Everything happens for a reason

  • Wherever you are be all there

  • Do what you love --- Love what you do

  • Stay humble and kind

  • Joy in the Journey (Almost Home by Mercy Me)

  • Salt of the Earth

  • One day at a time

Again I kindly ask you, what are some of your personal favorites and why?

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