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Are you trying too hard?

Updated: May 2

Be the reason someone smiles today!
Be the reason

(Trying too hard to gain outside attention or approval)

Prone to wander

...Or not trying hard enough?

(Not enough time and efforts devoted to top values and priorities.)

Trying too hard?

More confessions from an empathetic counselor:

Although I work hard to listen and observe with open-minded curiosity, without judgement or bias, I would be lying (and so would anyone else who claims they don't judge others) if I told you I don't catch myself judging others and myself at times.

Often I think to myself "She is trying way too hard" with that look or behavior. In the power of NOW I am turning similar judgmental lenses back on myself. NOT referring to physical appearance, make-up, wardrobe, or IG Reels this time.

No, I am talking about THIS blog right here. It may finally be time to truly accept the reality of this "Dear Diary" situation for what it is and for what it is not.

Over and over again, I have attempted to build a "brand" or a "business" because I believed the desire of my heart is to serve remotely from anywhere on this planet allowing the freedom and flexibility to visit family and be His hands and feet in other countries as well as here in the United States of America.

However, at least 3 obstacles have become glaringly obvious standing in the way of achieving this goal:

  1. I am NOT a salesperson and have absolutely NO desire to become one.

  2. The content I provide is not considered to be of value to most people--harsh, but true.

  3. Regardless of varied attempts, my core "default setting" inevitably brings me back to this personal spiritual-journey-diary-type of blog site which is the reason behind #2 on this list, and the reason very few people engage with the content.

The Lost Thing

Was blind, but now I see!

The image above will be shared in a book about The Lost coming soon at Grateful Gwen Good Reads [YouTube] Channel.

Grateful Gwen Good Reads Channel
Say Something

So where do I go from here? Not sure yet, to be honest. Most likely I will keep journaling to my heart's content for my own therapeutic benefits. But I may not try so hard to promote, invite, push, or share my thoughts or encouragements with you anymore as in adding links on social media stories, creating reels, or other such promotions. If you are one of the few who actually enjoys or benefits in some small way from what is shared here, you know where to find me.

But this girl is going to practice "EASY DOES IT" moving forward and stop trying too hard to accomplish a goal that may not even be God's Will for me. Once again, I surrender and sing it out loud like Carrie Underwood "Jesus, Take The Wheel!"

Thank you for letting me share...

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Q. How do I know if it's God's Will or my own?

A. When it's obvious I am trying way too hard to make a square peg fit into a round hole that is an attempt to force my own will. On the other hand, when I delight in God's Word, and align my life accordingly, God takes good pleasure in providing the desires of my heart!

Psalm 37:4 💗 Philippians 2:13

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