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Updated: Apr 4

Recently got the pleasure of listening to motivational speaker Kevon Lee from the local "hood" in San Bernardino empowering our students to FINISH STRONG! His inspirational words resulting from choices to overcome difficult life circumstances contained wisdom beyond his years. My personal favorite came at the end of his talk when he asked the students "What are the two most powerful words in the English language?" His answer "I AM!" Kevon asked the students to fill in the blank and complete the sentence with positive affirmation statements such as "I am strong!" "I am a hard worker!" "I am capable of great things!" "I am going to be President and improve the state of this country!" You get the idea.

To be clear there was absolutely nothing "religious" about this secular presentation at a public school setting at all, respecting separation of church and state wholeheartedly. However, reading between the lines from my unique perspective, I listened... and what I heard with [Matthew 11:15] ears to hear was all about him being on fire [Luke 3:16] calling students to finish strong [1 Corinthians 9:24-27] and the G.O.A.T. [Greatest Of All Time] I AM [Exodus 3:14] empowering students with [Philippians 4:13] strength to finish this school year strong!

Breathing deeply, inhaling peace, and exhaling the chaos of this broken world...

If "over-posting" on social media qualifies as a character defect, then add that one to my inventory please. Because I am clearly guilty of that sin. Yes, I do realize a few of my most beloved ones shake their heads embarrassed on my behalf at the excessive media publications through a variety of forums---often times impulsively displayed publicly. And I have decided to be okay with that.

Breathing deeply and taking inventory once again... Not only on material possessions, but also spring cleaning media storage space to create room for sharing personally prioritized values which may be useful for others as well.

Created to Dream as a lifelong learner with a growth mindset, I regularly take steps to clean my proverbial house, organize priorities, and hit the reset button on my life choices.

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a wise old adage. However, if it could be improved, why not do it? At least that's my philosophy.

So in this moment, in the power of now, praying to improve the choices I am making, gradually producing more meaningful, creative, quality content along the way with strength from my Shepherd for his glory and good pleasure.

Work in progress to practice more mindfulness when it comes to quality vs. quantity, posting as often as The Spirit leads or I choose to share just for fun or educational purposes.

Live your life.

You only get one in this temporary Earth suit.

Make it a good one!

May you BREATHE DEEPLY, move because it's FUN, and eat when you're hungry!

"Give us this day our daily bread... " Maybe you know the rest and can take it from there friends.

The Art of Being:

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