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Lessons Learned

It may be more accurate to call this post "confessions of a blogger" than counselor confessions to be honest.

Recently reflecting upon priorities, choices, and actions to determine which ones align with my highest goals and which ones border on self-destructive sabotage contradicting my top values.

Moving my domain from the FREE blogger host to the paid WIX host is one of those decisions I am reevaluating at this time. The reason I share this thinking out loud with you is because it may save you money if you are considering making a similar move.

At this point I have already invested enough time, money, and energy to stay put for a while. However, knowing what I know now (hindsight being 20/20 like it is) the best plan for my content and purposes would've been to remain on a free site to journal online to my heart's content. I will say that this (WIX) platform provides a lot more options and is fun to use! For someone truly interested in setting up a successful business I highly recommend it! But for a simple "Dear Diary" girl like me, it is more [expensive] than I need to process my lifelong learning experiences online.

As it turns out, I have no interest in selling anyone anything. Selling is not one of my giftings, whether it be products or services as proven time and time again after several weak and vain attempts.

So investing in advertising on any forms of social media including this one is a waste of my precious income and resources I have been entrusted with to steward for my Master.

I have also learned that viewing social media prompts exposure to advertisements from accounts working hard to convince me I NEED their products and services, which then dominoes to me purchasing items which often contradict the following Top Ten goals I have personally prioritized for my life:

  1. God First (First of two greatest commandments)

  2. Quality Time w/Family (Friends are family too)

  3. "Washing Feet " (being of service--second of two greatest commandments)

  4. Minimalism

  5. Financial Peace (includes tithing)

  6. Mindfulness/Gratitude/Sobriety

  7. Retirement Planning

  8. Time/Mobility FREEDOM

  9. Health/Fitness (contrary to popular beliefs, does NOT require a bunch of fancy equipment/memberships/processed supplements)

  10. Serenity

Until my current 3 year payment plan commitment runs out, I shall remain here with those of you who may be interested in chatting, reading, encouraging, relating, wondering, sharing, or finding a safe space to connect and be heard at this blogsite.

And until I am required to start paying to upload videos onto my YouTube channel I will be happy to continue to provide FREE content there for my precious granddaughter Kalani and YOU, if you're interested in reading with us.

I'm here if you want to chat.

May you be well, calm, and living out your highest priorities today.

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