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Exploring the Wilderness of the Bible: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Been thinking about the grumbling Israelites who shortly after being delivered out of slavery in Egypt began whining and complaining about the manna God provided wanting meat and other comforts. Stories like this one found in the book of Numbers chapter eleven remind me that The Bible is in fact The Living Word just as relevant today in 2024 as it was in the beginning. Because I too suffer regularly from gratitude being replaced by feeling irritable, restless, and discontent. I often daydream about a new job or home or other acquisition or opportunity instead of deeply appreciating all the blessings bestowed on me already.

Can you relate?

Once was lost but now am found:

Prone to wander...

Wandering around the wilderness is where I hear His voice best.

What about you?

May you hear His [whispers] as a still small voice as you sit in Psalm 46:10 peace.

Recently I posted another reel (not surprising) on Instagram. It demonstrated a tiny fraction of the high speed random thoughts that constantly flow through my finite brain every hour daily.

Spent a portion of the morning internally debating whether or not to post this collage of random thoughts. Since I have already concluded that this blog site is merely my own personal diary where I sometimes choose to share some parts of it with you publicly--- It appears this may be one of those times.

Although I have already shared my desire and joy at being counter-cultural serving His Upside Down Kingdom; once in a while I am tempted to join the trending crowds like posting a GIF that states "Feeling cute, might delete later" because I can totally relate! Almost inserted that GIF here, but it just didn't feel appropriate, so I simply quoted it instead.

Applied a variety of methods to process my thought tornado, including journaling (privately), praying, checking in with my mentor, plus pressing pause prior to posting.

Want to know a beautiful secret?

We don't have to have all the answers today.

All we have to do is take the next indicated step in front of us.

In my personal writing for today, I elaborated on how thankful I am for two of my dearest lifelong friends who are both celebrating birthdays. I also listed all of my "GET TOs" for today and the rest of this week! I lamented by extremely short night of sleep which is mostly due to my own poor choices. To be clear, what I did last night was NOT an example of intuitive eating. No. Instead I chose to mindlessly consume a cold brew iced coffee, kettle corn, and caramel cookie gelato while watching TV which then contributed to a restless night of little sleep and a rude awakening by my alarm at the normal time. I could have chosen to stay in that crabby tired funk. But instead I suited up in my Ephesians 6:11 armor of God, did my prayers and daily refresh @YouVersion followed by running my mindset mile.

Next thing I knew I was energized and ready to DANCE! It's a mindset shift. And anyone can choose to do it! Life is full of choices. The choice is yours!

Happy Dancing!

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2 comentários

Grateful Gwen
Grateful Gwen
5 days ago

It’s so great to connect with like-minded people! :)


Faithful Flow
Faithful Flow
5 days ago

Hi Gwen,

I, too, hear God's voice best when wandering around the wilderness! I love your analogy of a thought tornado, that definitely describes my mind on most days.

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