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Trust Fall

Updated: Jul 27

Life is full of trust falls every single day.

(Codependent No More)

This morning as I expelled all of the air out of my lungs underwater, I trusted that I would get the opportunity to return to the surface to catch my next breath and refill my lungs once again in one fluid motion continuing on swimming laps in the local community pool.

Last week when I jumped on several trains in England, Luxembourg, and Paris, I trusted that they would not derail causing severe injuries or death to all the passengers aboard. Same concept applies to me taking the risk to fly home to California, USA on an Air Bus trusting that it wouldn't crash, or getting into my car and driving to work each day with the same hope and prayer.

The point is, like you, I choose to take trust falls each day that I make the conscious choice to get out of bed and leave the safety and comfort of my home.

And YES, I fully recognize that there are inherent risks in staying home as well, such as natural disasters, terminal illnesses caused by our polluted environment, chemically laced foods, and other self-destructive technological "advancements" human civilization has made over past decades.

Our mediation today on the Grateful Gwen Channel (@YouTube) titled "Letting Go" is about denial, a tool we use to protect ourselves from the harshness of reality sometimes.

Life is full of choices every moment of every day.

We can choose to take these "trust falls" and truly live our BEST LIVES to the fullest, with all the risks involved.


We can live in denial attempting to huddle up safely inside cocoons of our own making, missing out on the AMAZING spiritual growth opportunities to becomes BEAUTIFUL Butterflies!

I don't know about you... but I am choosing to be a BUTTERFLY! Even though I know that risks, changes, and growth will be painful at times.

I still choose to fly!

Marriage is a trust fall. Faith is a trust fall. Life is a trust fall. The beauty of it all is worth all the suffering and painful lessons along the way!

Side Note:

My hope is that it will be easier for people to comment on blog posts here now that I have moved from Blogger to WiX for my site server, and am in the process of transferring my domain from Google to WiX as well. Part of what prompted me to make this move is that it was so difficult for me to comment on other blogger's posts @Blogger even when I was signed into that account as well as my google account. Hopefully this site will be a bit more user friendly, even though it requires yet another learning curve for me personally as well as a financial investment.

Unlike some people I have been connected with since birth, I am not afraid of change. This domain transfer is another trust fall. I don't know if I will lose all of the previous content on my previous blogger site or not. I have invested a lot of time, energy, and effort building the previous site using the blogger platform.

It makes me a bit sad to think I could lose it all by connecting that domain here. But my hope is that the benefits of this site will outweigh the costs and risks involved. It often pays to analyze the cost to benefit ratio before making any important decision. It also helps tremendously to set my ego aside and surrender to God's Will, my ultimate daily TRUST FALL before moving forward with any worthwhile endeavor. But that's simply my story and personal process. How do you make decisions? And what trust falls do you choose to take in your life?

You are invited to share in the current series of meditations on The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie @the Grateful Gwen Channel on YouTube.

If you or anyone you know may be experiencing a toxic or otherwise unhealthy codependent relationship of any kind, this series may be helpful for you.

What may appear as love, caring, or passion in the beginning, may actually evolve into controlling suffocating possessiveness or other blurred boundary lines if we allow it go that far. If you ever feel isolated from friends or family, or pressured into only doing what the other person in the relationship enjoys doing, losing your own identity in the process, this series of Codependent No More books may be for you! Or if you find it necessary for whatever reason(s) to hide your relationship from others, that is also a warning sign that something isn't quite right.

You deserve better my friend! Take a trust fall and start by reading Codependent No More by Melody Beattie and/or by listening to this series on my YouTube channel @ Grateful Gwen.

Hope to see you there! :)

Until next time, Take Care.

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