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"If your profits are in Heaven your heart will be there too" --Matthew 6:21 from The Living Bible paraphrased.

God often lays this verse on my heart to remind me of where my priorities should be reflected... not only via my finances, but also in simple displays such as the layout of apps on my "smart" devices.

Often I reorganize my furniture or clean up both my literal and computer desktops at work. The process is therapeutic for me personally. This morning I opted to swim in a metaphorical sea of Red Letter Scriptures instead of the local swimming hole. To thine own self [and others] be true. I don't swim everyday regardless of what my goal may be or what I have implied through other posts or video commentary. In "swimming" through Matthew 6 and 7 there are a plethora of treasures to be discovered.

But first, the reason I mentioned organizing desktops is because I recognized that I needed to reorganize the applications on my phone to reflect my treasures and priorities.

You Version goes to the front while Instagram and Facebook have been temporarily deleted.

Clearly this is a personal choice. Life is full of choices. The enemy already tried to sabotage my efforts telling me "Today is Tanya's Birthday. You must stay on social media to wish her a proper birthday!" Tanya is my sister-in-love. I properly "blew up her phone" with Birthday GIFs and Bitmojis instead of an IG or FB post. It was an easy solution to say "Get thee behind me Satan."

Matthew 16:23 and Mark 8:33

Social media affects my brain with dopamine hits the same way drugs affect addicts. And I need a break from caring so deeply about what other people [I don't even know] think about me.

I care first and foremost about what my Jesus thinks about me. He is more real and more precious to me than any material possessions, status, assets, popularity, or "treasures" this world could possibly ever offer. I am building "Nora's ARK" on The Rock of my Salvation, not the unstable sinking sand of this world.

Verse 24 of Matthew 6 reminds me that I can not serve two Masters: God and Money. I must choose only ONE.

I choose GOD who has all power!

May you find Him NOW.

Matthew 7:6 refreshes my Spirit by telling me yet again not to throw my pearls to the swine. There are several possible interpretations for that verse. I'll let you decide what it means for you.

And in Matthew 6:34, Jesus tells me not to be anxious about tomorrow, but to live one day at a time.

Honestly there is so much good profound stuff [wisdom] packed into just these 2 chapters [Matthew 6,7] that it's no surprise many Believers consider The Bible to be the only instruction manual needed for life.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting we abandon all other literature and teachers. But I am stating that for me this one comes first. The choice is yours.

Choose wisely.

PS. If I miss out on wishing you a Happy Birthday (without my handy dandy fb reminders) please know that I care about you and am sending love on your special day. :)

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