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Supply and Demand

Coming off the heels of my most recent video upload [linked above] on the Grateful Gwen Channel with the same title, I am once again taking inventory on my life choices.

As mentioned in the video, no demand for more content here or there results in little or no supply of blog posts or videos created, edited, and published.

Now that may not exactly be how the law of supply and demand actually works by definition. But it's how mine is working during this season of waiting for God to clearly reveal His Will for me and provide the faith and power to carry it out.

Temporarily in a holding pattern, I find myself being able to enjoy my real life without the stress of technology battery life, wifi, performance mindset, perfectionist editing, stubborn solo endeavors continuously rejecting the idea of teamwork, not resisting the urge to play comparison mind games which lead to negative self-talk, need for other's approval, and the list goes on and on.

Instead I GET TO live mindfully receiving the hugs and kisses from my Creator designed especially for me. It honestly doesn't get any better than that.

Previously I recorded a series of videos based on the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge. It's where I first read about the kisses from God concept mentioned above. I love it! Me reading books doesn't make for stimulating videos. I completely understand that. Truth is I enjoy reading the books and making the videos just became part of my daily habits which was helpful for me and hopefully one or two others along the way.

Yesterday we shared a Lovely Day hiking and biking Idyllwild, CA. The adventure culminated into an exquisite fireside patio dinner at a first class Italian eatery called FERRO, where the food, ambiance, service, and company was 5 stars [in my humble opinion] all the way!

We treated ourselves to a wonderful date day and evening to keep the proverbial fires burning in our marriage. This can be done of course on a lower budget as well. It is important to reserve quality time for each other and to speak one another's love languages fluently.

At dinner we exchanged how grateful we truly are to have a Christ-centered marriage. It provides a "script" of sorts or plan of action in advance for how to address any dilemmas we may face along the way as already proven time and again. In keeping my private life private and therefore not going into too much detail with you here in this forum; suffice it to say that we each take actions sometimes contrary to how we may feel, in efforts to honor and respect one another in an Ephesians 5 way, as Christ loves His Bride, the Church.

Also yesterday it was announced that Matthew Perry, former star on the hit television series "Friends" died in his bathtub at the age of 54.

Now a lot of thoughts come to mind as I observe the related posts and read some of the articles.

Of course our prayers for comfort and healing go up for the family, friends, and fans of Matthew.

In addition to the questions raised about the possible causes of death, and the memories of particular entertaining movies scenes or TV episodes, for me it also prompts this mindset:

Intentionally I will not be posting any photos of Matthew Perry on my various forms of social media. NOT because I have anything against him or his body of work. NOT because I don't care about him or the impact he has had on many lives. I do care. NO. Rather, for the same reasons I am also boycotting TikTok and posting National This Day or International That Day [anymore.] I refuse to jump on the bandwagons of this world simply because popular culture tells me to Just Do It! No Sir. My Dad taught me and my two older brothers to think for ourselves from early ages in our childhoods. And he modeled it for us as well. Simply based on principal alone, I will respect your decision to do what you feel is right for you, but I shall refrain from doing anything for the reason that "everyone else is doing it."

If you jump off that bridge, I will not be following you. I will do my best to talk you down off the ledge before you jump if you have [Matthew 11:15] ears to hear, but I will continue marching to the beat of my own drummer as I was taught to do from a couple wonderful parents who stayed married literally "until death do us part" for almost 60 years.

Pulling off at a lookout point coming down the mountain last night after dinner we thanked our loving God for this beautiful full moon and a magical date as husband and wife.

A few other special photographs from this day of gifts from our Maker will be included [not "dumped" as popular culture suggests] below.

But before we get there, I want to add one more thing about the theme of being in a "waiting season" for God to show me the "more will be revealed" regarding His Will for me and the power to carry it out.

First thing this morning as I invested time in prayer with the Lover of my Soul, He did reveal some answers to me in the Psalm 46:10 quiet of being still and knowing...

God reminded me that His Will for me doesn't need to come in the form of a big project, calling, ministry, or vocation. It comes one day at a time through the daily check ins and prayers with and for the people I care about in my life including friends, family members, students, social media acquaintances. It happens through the commitments I honor and the responsibilities I fulfill including everything from household chores to leadership endeavors. Colossians 3:23 "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, 24 since you know you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving."

Thank You God, my Promise Keeper, for always answering my prayers.

I will add the rest of the photos from this weekend's adventure in Idyllwild, California to one of the galleries exclusively on my mobile app:


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