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Selfie Obsessed Much?

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

On more than one occasion in my lifetime, I have been accused [rightfully so] of exhibiting "attention-seeking" behaviors.

Exhibit A to the right (or above on mobile devices) displaying yet another filtered selfie for the approval of others; a phenomenon from which I have not yet fully recovered, unfortunately.

There have also been embarrassing moments when my adult kids (mostly my outspoken daughter) have called me out on my inappropriate displays on "The Gram." Talk about a parent-child role reversal. Let me tell you...

As a matter of fact, the first actual phone conversation experienced with my [NOW] husband graduating beyond our DMs on "The Gram" was a pitiful me in tears after being [righteously] reprimanded for my bad behavior.

Ironies of this fun fact about me are:

1) I am indeed an awkward introvert who generally prefers to lay low and away from people and their attention IRL [In Real Life].

2) I greatly admire my quiet friends who humbly serve behind the scenes with little-to-no accolades or recognition for their invaluable efforts-- the ones who rarely, if ever post on social media; if they even participate on any of those platforms at all, other than to encourage others.

3) I am sure there are more, but I'm drawing a blank at the present moment.

On the rare circumstance I do share an unfiltered selfie, it will most likely look something like this one, hiding behind a prop.

How can a person be so socially shy AND so obsessed with chasing attention simultaneously?

Welp, I have a few theories regarding the answer to that question. A similar question might be worded like this:

How can a person be "an ego maniac with an inferiority complex?" One word in the answer ends with "ism." Another part of the equation is that I am a continuous work in progress recovering as a "people pleaser" consistently avoiding conflicts and seeking your approval on virtually every decision I make for my life.

It's not a healthy way to live.

This is part of my "WHY" for attempting to educate and inspire others to live with a Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul [Spirit] in some small way every single day. Helping you, helps me. If I don't give away the gifts I have been so freely given, all of my fruit will wither on the vine and die.

Part of the gift of this health education includes sharing meditations with you from books like "The Language of Letting Go" by Melody Beattie, "Practicing Mindfulness" by Matthew Sockolov, and The Bible [to name a few] on the Grateful Gwen Channel.

The self obsessed character defect described above was my response to my husband last night over a table talks playing card I drew with the question "What is the worst thing about being you?"

What is your answer to that question? What is the worst thing about being you? What is the BEST thing about being you?

The fact that I get to share intimately with you in this way and hopefully [God-willing] help another struggling human being out there with my experience, strength, and HOPE may be the BEST thing about being me.

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