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Past Trippin’

Generally speaking it is not beneficial or productive to live in the past. I have heard it said in depressing terms "You have absolutely no hope of a better or different past." ~Anonymous

We can't really argue with the truth and reality of that profound seemingly hopeless statement...


We can choose how we will use our past to help others, make better choices moving forward, embrace life lessons, and be grateful for the growth that has taken place as a direct result of the pain and failures caused by making mistakes.

Playing with Barbies was part of my past. And I am almost embarrassed to admit out loud that I went to see that movie yesterday.

Still not sure how I feel about it.

But this much I know is true...

I went for the popcorn 🍿 and the popcorn was worth it! Haha!

The only other comment I have to share here in this format is this one:

"Ken, you are so much more than an accessory to me."

However, I invite you to add your own commentary in our open forum section on this site.

Please include any thoughts or opinions you want to share regarding the Barbie movie.

OR (even more importantly)

Share lessons learned from your past suffering that can now be used to help another; should they (we) choose to heed your advice or warning ⚠️ and accept the wisdom to be gained by your insights, experience, strength, and HOPE.

Hope to chat with you over there in the Open Forum: "Barbie" post!

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