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New Year's Resolutions

Yes, I am doing that thing I don't care for... which is talking about the next holiday when the current holiday hasn't even been celebrated or observed yet!

So let me first say Happy Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa Diwali to you and yours before we begin discussing the reasons I don't make any New Year's Resolutions.

Nothing to discourage you if you choose to set personal goals for yourself and this feels like the most appropriate time of year for you to do so... Go For It!

As for me, these types of annual resolutions have always been short lived "flash in the pan"* ideas in my experience. In case you are not familiar with that particular expression its origin *comes from the 17th century flintlock musket firing in which gunpowder would flare up but no ball firing would happen.

So this year as we usher in 2024 I won't refer to it as a resolution per se, but I will reveal that some definite changes are coming for this blogsite. Although I hope to always remain GRATEFUL for all the little things and BIG BLESSINGS in my life... my personal spiritual journey and observations through life lessons learned does not appear based on the data to be all that useful to you.

ACCEPTANCE tells me this is okay when I am merely using my blog as a nonprofit online diary to publicly process my thoughts, feelings, and experiences out loud with you offering the occasional shout out or suggestion to hopefully encourage another fellow human out there along the way. Acceptance also reminds me that it shouldn't matter what other people think of me or how much attention they pay to my blog or other social media. But sometimes that's a tough pill to swallow. (Pretty sure that metaphor is self-explanatory.)

So I'll continue to pray, read, meditate, and write out my daily gratitude lists in addition to processing my behavior inventory with my accountability partners as needed. But rather than share those personal endeavors with you I will strive to provide more helpful information and services that may benefit you personally instead.

Yes the photos throughout this post appear to be random and unrelated to this content. But they are all part of my gratitude list for today.

What's on your list today?

On YouTube we are back to "made for kids" books for NOW:

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