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My Word

If you were to tell someone today "You have my word on that" what does that actually mean to you?

Does it mean you live with INTEGRITY and can truly be trusted to follow through on what you say and keep your promises?

Or is it just a casual expression abused to get what you want without regard for the other person or your good character?

What I am about to commit to you here and now as a work in progress continuing to claim spiritual progress, not perfection is that you have my word on THIS:

No More Gossip moving forward.

To be perfectly honest with you, it hasn't been one of my more prevalent vices anyway. But I do allow myself to participate in it on occasion. It never makes me feel good. In fact it always makes me wonder, often times even asking the question aloud "If you're talking about this person in that way, what are you saying about me when I'm not around?"

When my husband and I come home after a long day at work and "vent" or debrief about our day, we sometimes exchange stories that involve other people. When we do, we both have a tendency to assign best possible motives or to give them the benefit of the doubt whenever possible.

Another practice I employ on a regular basis is changing the subject when gossip arises or when unable to do that, quite literally excusing/removing myself from the conversation altogether.

Gossip is unbecoming (not attractive.) In the same way that beginning a relationship on a foundation of infidelity is ill-advised, participating in slander about another person's character speaks volumes about your own. Ephesians 4:29 paraphrased says to lift one another up with encouragements, not unwholesome talk. And you have my word that is what I intend to do.

My mama taught me "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."

On an unrelated subject, this hiatus from some forms of social media has been a lovely break for me.

Thoroughly enjoying the sights and sounds of taking on the Mindset Mile Challenge inspired by Aisha Zaza podcaster of the "The Mindset Mile" on Spotify. Her encouragement game is as strong as her health and fitness routine!

In spite of all the advertisements [understandably necessary for her to make a living from her podcast] I get pumped up to try something new and to BE BETTER each time I listen to one of her episodes.

The other podcast recently discovered equally inspirational in positive, uplifting ways is "Whoa That's Good" with Sadie Rob. What are your favorite podcasts? Who are your favorite positive influencers? Why?

"We rise by lifting others." Yes, it's another trendy coined phrase like "Living my Best Life" and so many other hashtags out there in cyberspace, but I appreciate the sentiment anyway.

Thinking about cultural trends without listening to any music on my mindset mile walk this morning, I spontaneously broke out singing a song by the uber talented Lenny Kravitz "I want to get away, I want to fly away yeah, yeah, yeah..." Much of what this world values according to online viewing statistics holds no appeal for me. It's precisely why I recently added the CS Lewis quote on the home page here.

There is another recent update I would like to share with you if you will indulge me. The past few years I have recorded a few different videos containing the key phrase (yet another hashtag) #just breathe

In this most recent one I mentioned changing the Grateful Gwen Channel description to simply "One Day at a Time" and I did exactly that.

Today, I added a little bit more to that simple phrase: "Practicing Mindfulness and Spiritual Progress (not perfection) while cultivating GRATITUDE one day at a time." It's the reason for my relatively new name and identity as Grateful Gwen. Even if it does not fall into any of the viral trending cultural hot topics of what this world values, I am more than okay with that. I have known deep down in my soul for sometime now that I was not made for this world. Truth be told it has caused a lot of angst, poor decision making and suffering as a result of ongoing irritable, restless, and discontent wrestling with my truth -- for both myself and loved ones closest to me over the years. Again, it is my prayer that anything written or spoken about my experience, strength, and HOPE can be useful for another suffering kindred spirit out there.

Yesterday, Sarah Young, author of Jesus Calling passed at the age of 77, leaving behind a legacy that I lack the words to describe to share with you the enormous impact her books have had on many lives, including my own. The precious gentle approach of Jesus speaking to me personally through Sarah's Bible-based daily devotionals influenced my relationship with my Savior in such an instrumental and beautiful way that I am truly eternally grateful for the gift Sarah Young provided through these books. Thank You Sarah. I know you are blissfully enjoying your encounters with Jesus face-to-face as I write these heartfelt words. Looking forward to that day when He calls me home in His perfect timing. Thy Will be done GOD, not mine.

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