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Mean Girls

I recently renamed the subheading for this entire blogsite "Counselor Confessions."

This entry is going to BE exactly that!

Still debating whether or not I even want to go see the new Mean Girls musical written by the übertalented Tina Fey only because I GET TO experience the melodrama of real life "mean girls" almost every single day at work.

Sometimes a girl just needs a break from all of that rude, insensitive ridiculousness. Having said that, on those occasions when I am mentally able to take a proverbial step back from the unacceptable behaviors and dive deeper into the roots and underlying causes for the insecurities and extreme attention-seeking behaviors; it enables me to have compassion for these hurting little girls who are in turn hurting others through feeble misguided attempts to empower themselves with the hope of feeling better. It doesn't work.

We are grateful to be able to offer mental health services which include The Ophelia Project designed to truly empower these young women with healthy social skills teaching them to treat each other with empathy and kindness.

The mad-dogging "resting B*#$H face" dirty looks, Instagram "burn book" posts and stories intended to emotionally harm, vicious exclusive social circles, as well as direct physical assaults video recorded for further social media humiliation are tiresome head games at best and fatally (by suicide) criminal at worst!

Exclusionary practices as demonstrated in these GIFs from the original Mean Girls movie are all too common in schools today (especially middle schools) and can inflict serious psychological harm. It is not okay.

In an Instagram post earlier this morning, I shared the idea that if something is no longer useful we need to let it go. I've also heard it said that if something no longer serves us, we should let it go.

The latter way of wording that has always rubbed me the wrong way because it sounds so selfish.

However, with a growth mindset I have since changed my point of view to reflect the following:

Let It Go if it is negative self-talk, exclusionary [mean girl] behavior, adding to the mental or physical clutter, unhealthy, surrounded by spiritual darkness, attention-seeking, closed-minded, stubborn, selfish, etc.

Breathe deeply and meditate on all the good things listed in the book of Philippians chapter 4 while strolling through the garden (video link in photo) IN HIDING.

May you be happy, healthy, and set free today friends, family, and lost sheep seeking a sense of belonging. Welcome HOME!

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