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Here I Go Again

It's been a "minute" since I last wrote or recorded a video to share publicly.

Honestly I've been enjoying the break from it all. Creating an occasional photo post or reel on IG or FB are quick and easy so those are fun and pressure-free with little to no expectations for engagement from others.

"Easy does it" is my self-care philosophy as of late.

Speaking of Facebook, I recently read a question someone posted along these lines:

If you had to choose a theme song to play every time you entered a room, which song would you choose?

The answers to this question in the comments were highly entertaining!

At the time I was listening to one of my favorite songs by Jars of Clay called "Love Song for a Savior." At first I thought I would answer with that one. Instead I simply commented on how much I was enjoying everyone else's responses which was absolutely true.

I concluded I needed more time to think about my theme song...

There is simply such an extensive catalog of genres of music, artists, specific lyrics, and melodies that have proven to be powerful, heartbreaking, heartwarming, inspirational, soothing, energizing, fun, healing, and restorative in my life; that it is incredibly difficult to narrow it down to only one song.

The song I ultimately chose might surprise those of you who think you know me.

Released in 1982 by the secular rock band "Whitesnake", my chosen theme song is "Here I Go Again."

It may seem a bit of an odd choice "To walk along the lonely street of dreams" while I am surrounded by persons (and animals) who love me; including my God, husband, adult children, lifelong (and newer) friends and family, mentors, fellowship groups both large and small, colleagues, social media friends, pets, etc.

Though I love and appreciate all of the above mentioned dear ones in my life; as a hardcore overthinking introvert I bravely socialize enough to survive and to practice my religion--LOVE GOD LOVE PEOPLE.

I'm a "drifter" in my mind like this song suggests-- prone to wander. It may not look like it on the surface living in the same city, home, marriage, and career for over 25 years at one point in my life UNTIL my spiritual awakening September 15, 2017 when I FINALLY began to live "To Thine Own Self Be True" in total surrender to my God. Thy Will (not mine) be done.

"Oh Lord, I pray You give me the strength to carry on" is the line in my secular rock band theme song of choice that seals the deal for me.

What is your Theme Song? Why?

I purposely removed the Open Forum for group discussions section from this blog site because no one was using it for those intended purposes anyway.

But that doesn't mean I don't want to hear your thoughts. Because I do genuinely care about you and your story; and would love to hear it sometime!

HERE I GO AGAIN... in spite of wise counsel advising me to employ a team to build a profitable successful business, I stubbornly continue to fly solo like the introverted drifter I truly am. It's why I relate so much to this book at Good Reads @gratefulgwen3 :

Latest video at the Grateful Gwen Channel titled "Legacy" is an archived clip working from home while quarantined during the 2020 COVID pandemic. It contains insights from Stephen Covey's THE 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE, as well as a poignant truth from my Dad's legacy.

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