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Food as Fuel

Updated: Aug 22

I don't recall precisely the first source I heard or read this "food as fuel" concept from initially. But that isn't the point anyway.

The point is that right away I identified with this healthy mindset shift from counting calories or carbohydrates to viewing food as the energy source needed to perform the activities and sustain the vitality I consistently enjoy on a regular basis.

The word "diet" has almost always resulted in an unpleasant cringe or pout on my face. Can you relate? It is not my favorite thing. However, I do understand that "diet" is simply the food we choose to eat from meal to meal, day to day. It does not necessarily involve restrictions or forbidden categories, unless we choose that option for ourselves. I don't know about you, but the "forbidden fruit" metaphor that has evolved since the Biblical story of Adam and Eve has always been a struggle for me.

Whenever someone tells me I can't have or do something, it tends to make me crave it even more than before. However, when I am presented with choices and educated about the benefits of eating right; this knowledge empowers me to live my active youthful life to the fullest based on the "fuel" I choose to consume in my racecar "tank" so I can finish the [Hebrews 12:1] race strong.

Rarely, if ever, am I a fan of trending fad diets where we cut out entire food categories. I do limit meat and sugar intake, as well as avoiding alcohol altogether for my own personal preference because those choices feel good for me.

In other words, I don't do it because some diet program, positive influencer, coach, personal trainer, or doctor instructed me to cut those things out of my meal plan.

Instead I make that choice based on my own experience and results of how those foods affect my well-being. "The Art of Well-Being" was one of the tag lines we used in the online health business I joined during the pandemic. That line [The Art of Well-Being] and the wonderful people I met were some of the better aspects of that season of my journey.

If you are interested in more information about that business, send me a chat or email and I am happy to share what I know with you. I no longer pursue the business, but I am still connected with the people who are at the top, who know what works well to be successful. Again, I would be happy to introduce you to one or more of those top earners, if that is something you are interested in checking out for yourself.

Food as fuel works for me. I will take pleasure in eating the healthy ingredients that support and sustain my way of living because it's what I choose to do. Life is full of choices. Choose wisely.

Not too long ago I started a book series on the Grateful Gwen Channel called

The Jesus Diet. Check it out below. Or don't... the choice is yours.

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