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Don't Tell Me What to Do!

Updated: 4 days ago

Apparently today is "National Coffee Day!" Whoop-de-doo! La-dee-da! A National Day Calendar website has even been creatively developed and designed to keep you informed about all 365+ days to celebrate this or that.

I adore coffee and popcorn and my kids! But I will no longer post about these things SIMPLY because the social media bandwagon tells me to jump on! (Please don't misread that-- I will definitely post about them all when the mood strikes.)

Don't get me wrong, the concept behind this National Day Calendar is fantastic! I appreciate the idea of celebrating good things daily as opposed to obsessing over content typically covered by news sources. Speaking of the NEWS, don't even get me started on the decline and complete disintegration of objective journalism! What a joke!

Sorry, not sorry that this post reads like a rant. The chosen title "Don't tell me what to do" is a sentiment I have experienced my entire passively defiant life!

My former husband never acknowledged Valentine's Day. No, that is NOT why we are divorced. As a matter of fact, I actually agree with his reasoning completely. It's a commercialized holiday to nudge us to purchase candies, cards, fine dining, flowers etc. It's also a painful reminder to the lonely singles that they have no Valentine.

Much better to recognize personal special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and such.

Along the same lines, all of these National _________ Days created to celebrate people and things we enjoy 365 days a year are a bit much in my humble opinion. I prefer to randomly share that I love coffee, popcorn, and my kids whenever the emotion swells my beating heart; NOT when social media tells me to do it in order to market or purchase more products I don't need.

Don't tell me what to do! Can you relate?

Random Thought:

Also, as a lifelong learner, I am always excited to learn something new. Today I learned from a student that the United States Military has introduced a new branch called Space Force! How cool is that?!?

What is something new you recently learned?

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