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Counselor Confessions

Updated: Mar 15

These are my confessions...

As a school counselor, I mindfully observe people daily.

In much the same way as a horse smells fear on its rider often mirroring the jittery nervous energy, adolescent students sense when a teacher [or substitute] doesn't like or respect them. They tend to react in kind. Likewise, they also have a tendency to respond respectfully with kindness when treated with both kindness and respect.

Sometimes there are exceptions to this and those cases are usually triggered from deeper underlying issues, most often hurt and lack of trust from past trauma.

The other Counselor Confession I choose to share with you at this time is THIS one:

As I observe those beautiful swan students who appear to glide effortlessly along, standing out among all the other awkward ducklings stumbling clumsily through the masses; I am keenly aware of the deep pain many of those "swans" are carrying, adamantly refusing to let it show.

Honored and privileged to be entrusted with their "confessions," I pass them in the hallways and silently lift them up in prayer for healing restoration while offering them a sincere smile and warm greeting to encourage them on this battlefield of life. Secretly, I already know how the story ends. The battle has already been won. The victory is ours for the taking. Hallelujah. Amen.

These are my confessions...

May you be calm today my friend, full of peace and gratitude.


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