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Bye for Now

It is with some melancholy that I write this final post to you my Sisters and Brothers.

My annual subscription with WIX [blog host] is about to expire, and I am choosing NOT to renew it. In reviewing my priorities, it is no longer worth the cost to me.

I plan to continue my personal writing therapy privately in a prayer journal and via posts in the “metaverse” as that appears to be an easier way to reach people and have conversations anyway.

To my wonderful guest blogger Tanya, from my sincerest apologies for discontinuing our quarterly arrangement. Praying for continued success for your blog and Christian Yoga You Tube channel, as well as in-person studio yoga classes my friend!

Prioritizing peace drives my daily atomic habits and decisions regarding finances, relationships, career and geographic moves, and other physical, spiritual, and emotional practices in my life.

I will miss this blog site as it has provided a comfort for me over the past 7 years along my spiritual journey.

I wrote a post a while back titled “Take my hand” for those in need of someone to listen.

My offer still stands…

Catch you on “The Gram” or @ Grateful Gwen Good Reads You Tube Channel (link in video above or image below.)

Peace out Peeps


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