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Love is blind. Faith is blind. Watch out for your Blind Side when driving or signing conservatorship papers to play in the NFL (Ouch, she went there)... AND consider checking out the new movie "The Blind" based on the true story of Phil Robertson from the reality TV show Duck Dynasty.

In addition to all of the references above, without my glasses on, I am virtually blind, in that I can not read text or signs near or far and most images are essentially an unfocused blur that elude me without prior knowledge and life experience to guide my way.

It seems most of my creative flow comes from swimming laps in the morning and this "blind" tangent was one of those lines of thinking flowing through my mind as my body moved through the water at sunrise.

I am guilty of blind love and blind faith in my life. At first I tried to rationalize and justify the latter one. But then I realized it's really no better than ignoring all the "red flags" in a relationship when blinded by "Love."

Yes, I practice "faith like a child." No, I do not accept it blindly because I am told to believe by the pastor at my church, or my parents, or my husband. My faith is a direct result of seeking and finding [Matthew 7:7-8] plain and simple. Thirsting and being quenched, being weary and given rest, feeling alone and receiving companionship, giving up and restored with HOPE... Chained as a slave and set FREE! Seeking with ALL of my heart [Jeremiah 29:13-14] and finding HIM.

Am I naïve for believing in my God I can't see? You may think so, but I seek and see Him with ALL of my heart.

Once again, I would ask you to share your personal experiences with blind love or blind faith, but I have zero expectations for "audience participation" here or on the Grateful Gwen Channel.

Just living my life one magical moment at a time, minding my own business, staying in my lane, and keeping my side of the street clean.

Make it a great day! Or NOT. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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