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Honesty is HOT.




As a Counselor, I have always been intrigued by observing people.

A large part of practicing active listening is noticing body language which sometimes communicates more than the verbal cues produced by words. If one is paying careful attention, feelings of discomfort, anxiety, happiness, bitterness, anger, concern, and many more may be detected by a person's body language.

Personally, I find interesting quirks such as facial expressions or goofy random comments which indicate an individual's comfortability in their own skin much more attractive than the latest trendy enhancements marketed and pushed by the following industries: cosmetic companies, plastic surgeons, beauty salons, health and wellness entrepreneurs, car dealerships, clothing brands, or any other corporations seeking to profit based on our insecurities, desires to fit in, gain popularity or acceptance.

To be clear, this is not an attempt to knock any of those businesses, as I too have tried my hand at one (link in image) as well.

Here's a suggestion: Embrace your God-given natural beauty and say "Thank you for making me one-of-a-kind!"

What are your thoughts on what makes a person attractive?

Specifically what attributes do you find appealing in another person?

What about laziness? Is that an attractive quality in another human?

Are you sure about that?

You may want to give this author's perspective a listen on that subject before you decide:

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