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Not the kind of SPAM used in this popular Hawaiian staple known as Musubi pictured here. No, I'm referring to the annoying kind you sort through in your email inbox to get to the more important messages.

Sometimes when we invest the time to write a personal encouraging note to a fellow human-being expressing genuine care for their well-being or gratitude for a gift, service, or quality time they provided for us it yields positive results for both involved parties; making email a more positive experience overall instead of simply another box to check-off or necessary daily task to complete.

Words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch are the 5 love languages listed in the best-selling book by author Gary Chapman. This classic book lands in my personal top 5 most influential "Good Reads" and has honestly deeply impacted my life and relationships in the best possible ways. I imagine it feels amazing to have contributed such a valuable healing resource for so many people restoring and strengthening marriages, parent-child relationships, professional relationships, and friendships along the way.

When was the last time you made the effort to email or hand-write a personalized note thanking someone for their kindness or offering a positive encouragement to brighten their day? Would it be helpful for you to receive such an email? If so, consider completing the contact form located on this blogsite to begin a unique email exchange you may actually look forward to as opposed to all of the unwanted SPAM you would prefer to unsubscribe from or often delete without even reading them first. If you are feeling alone or discouraged and seeking connection with another human who actually cares about your well-being, please reach out. Or perhaps you are looking to provide encouragement as an act of service already knowing the absolute BEST way to build self-esteem is to participate in estimable acts! Either way, YOU and your personal correspondence are WELCOME here!

Previously I read The 5 Love Languages in it entirety on [Grateful Gwen] IGTV and shared some of those clips on the former [Grateful Gwen] YouTube channel as well.

Therefore I won't be reading that one again on the current channel linked below. However, I do highly recommend it as it can be life-changing with the proper open-minded willingness! This one is another great read also with the potential to be life-changing with a GROWTH MINDSET and a humble contrite heart willing to be changed for the better.

Are you willing to learn, change, grow, and improve your life?

Or are you set in your ways believing you already have all of the answers?

And last questions to contemplate for today:

Would you choose yourself as a friend? Why or why not?

Your responses to these questions may flow in your mind, in a private journal, in a conversation with a friend, or be included in an email or chat with me should you choose to share them. The choice is always yours my friends. Choose wisely. Take care. Be well.

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