What are words for? Do you hear me? Do you care? My lips are moving and the sound's coming out... The words are audible, but I have my doubts... What are words for? ...When no one listens anymore... no one notices, I think I'll dye my hair blue... >
A smattering of lyrics above as an excerpt from the song "Words" by the classic 80s band MISSING PERSONS reflects my personal feelings at times.
Every once in a while, I consider the fact that a podcast audio delivery may be better suited for my message than YouTube videos. But then I remember efforts already invested in the Grateful Gwen Channel and the fact that I enjoy sharing beautiful imagery with you as well as good books!
As I ended the reading of one hundred strategies from DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF by Richard Carlson, PhD with you this morning (link above); I confessed that I truly don't know what's next.
That is an unusual place for me to be. Typically, when I am finishing one project, I already have a vision of the next one waiting right around the bend. This time I do not. I received some news today about a family member moving away. I am genuinely HAPPY for this family member as it is a long awaited dream come true for him. Simultaneously, I am also a bit selfishly sad for me, as he and his lovely wife will be missed.
Grateful to be able to blog about my feelings (even if no one takes the time to read about them.)
This process is deeply therapeutic for me. And I am NOW process-oriented rather than results-oriented in my mindset. It is the reason I am able to love my body at 165 lbs in 2023 for curves I didn't have, when I also loved my body at 120 lbs in 2020 for the light-weight agility and flexibility that allowed me to easily mount inversion hangs from the playground monkey bars.
It's all about the process and loving myself right where I'm at the way God created me to be for His Purpose to bring Him Glory.
To answer the famous Missing Persons question above "What are words for?" For me, they are for The Great Commission to share God's AMAZING grace and love with you through a wide variety of creative talents shining the light of the world [Matthew 5:14] for you to see and sharing the sincere words "I Love You" for those who have ears to hear [Matthew 11:15].
PS > More examples of the answer to "What are words for?" can be witnessed in my daily check in phone call with my mom this morning. We have our routine. But sometimes like this morning, she surprises me with her delightful conversation. To keep it fresh, each day I ask her a table topic question from the "Chat Pack" box of appropriate family dinner conversation starters. Today the question was something along the lines of "If you could design your own Theme Park with a theme that to your knowledge has never before been done, what theme would you choose?" Before I asked her this question, I said Good Morning and asked her what she's up to... she laughed and answered "about 5'5" haha" I love that she stil has her sense of humor in tact. Then I asked her the Theme Park question. She responded with "Me and Two Handsome Men" WOAH!!! I definitely didn't see that one coming! She later elaborated that she was referring to her two sons. I followed up by asking her what else her "My Two Sons" theme park would include, she quickly retorted with an "ice chest of wine coolers." At that point, I was of course laughing out loud, to which she inquired "Okay, what did you call to tell me?" "What are you so happy about?" I calmly explained that I simply called to check in like I do every morning.
 But I agreed with her that I am happier than normal partially because of her entertaining responses, and also because my husband landed safely late last night after another trip to visit his family in Michigan. I am truly happy that he is home again safe and sound. Mom understood that and expressed her gratitude for the daily calls and WORDS. This my brothers and sisters is what words are for... RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS. :)