The Jesus Diet
Coming soon… This book pictured above THE JESUS DIET written by author Terry Toler comes highly recommended with many great reviews. I'll be honest, I have not yet read it myself; and therefore will begin reading it with you for the first time @ The Grateful Gwen Channel Memorial Day Weekend. Figured this would give you plenty of time to celebrate your Moms on Mother's Day first and to order the book 
should you choose to participate, and I genuinely hope you will! As previosly mentioned, part of my vision is to build a community here with this YouTube Channel forum where we can encourage one another to run the Hebrews 12:1 "race" with endurance and finish strong! 
Please allow me to explain why. The WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) diet subject came up this past weekend at The Grove Community Church after I had already ordered this book; (God Shot) when Pastor Daniel literally poured a glass of red wine as a demonstration of the scene in Jeremiah 35 where the Rekabite family was invited into one of the side rooms of The House of the Lord [church] to drink wine in fellowship.
Because this family had made a PROMISE not to drink alcohol for generations they kept their promise and politely declined the offer to drink wine. God rewarded them for their faithfulness, because God is faithful and keeps his promises. Do you? Have I always kept my promises? No, obviously not, since I am a divorced woman. Yet today, I sit before you writing this blog entry recognizing that I choose to be a faithful promise keeper for the rest of my life. I practice Ecclesiastes 5:5 by remaining quiet rather than making a promise I won't keep. Not only do I decline wine these days, (which used to be my god, my lover, and my best friend)... I also am choosing to decline all of the herbal wine replacement beverages currently flooding my social media feeds promising to give the relaxing "buzz" without the alcohol or hangover--Matthew 16:23 NOT today Satan. Not today.
No thank you. Why? Because in the Power of NOW, I understand that I don't need to change the way I feel. It is okay to sit in the feelings and sensations of emotional and/or physical discomfort or pain and observe them with judgement-free curiousity the way our two cats (shown in link below) observe everything including us.
Your participation in reading and commenting on the upcoming book The Jesus Diet is strongly encouraged, valued , and helpful to this blogger/vlogger! 
Today concludes the book of Joel: 
The Jesus Diet will begin on Memorial Day Weekend appropriately, as we remember those who loved with a John 15:13 LOVE. ❤️
Hopefully this gives you ample time to order the book and read along with me.
Although, not all countries observe Memorial Day the same weekend in the month of May that we do in the USA; it appears that many countries do recognize their own Memorial Day to remember their fallen who have lost their lives for love of country and the brotherly love cited above in John chapter 15 verse 13. This kind of sacrificial love is also noted in John 3:16, one of the most commonly quoted verses and promises from God of all time.  
From what I have gathered so far from the reviews, this book is about so much more than a healthy diet! This book is about a way of life. It is an instruction manuel to supplement The Bible for LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!
I'm excited! Who's with me?