Nailed It!
Vernacular we use is one of several fascinating aspects of language used by humans to communicate our needs, challenges, wants, desires, and accomplishments.
One example of common vernacular here in the USA is the title of this particular post. 
We use it to describe a job well done or to celebrate a mission accomplished. Some even use it as a more vulgar slang kind of sexual reference on occasion.
Often times it is used literally to talk about an actual building project or a way to mount a work of art on the wall.

Another closely related expression we Americans tend to use is “hit the nail on the head.”  It’s similar to “bullseye” to recognize when a person has accurately hit their target whether literally or figuratively by achieving a goal.

This concept has been weighing heavy on my mind and in my heart lately for a variety of reasons.

I am a fan of the 90s band Jars of Clay. 
It’s currently one of my favorite stations on Pandora.
I’ve already shared with you in a former blog post the sentimental value that the song “Love Song for a Savior” has for me personally.
It is part of what helped me fall in love with Jesus in the 90s when I first surrendered my life to Christ and was baptized.
Recently I was listening to LIQUID by the same band, Jars of Clay. 

It made me realize that all those years as a child and as an adult of being frightened and disturbed by images and idols of the crucifix at churches, movies, books, and museums was because I was seeing Jesus all wrong from my perception.
When I see HIM through the lenses of this song “Liquid” I truly see Him, and equally important what He sees in me. All I can feel is overwhelming gratitude for His sacrifice and blood shed for me.
How can I not live for Him? When I hit the nails on the head of the hammer to hang Jesus Christ on that cross? I have been righteously and thoroughly convicted by The Holy Spirit for my crimes.
But GOD, rich in mercy came to save me.
I am ALIVE and LOVED beyond measure with grace, forgiveness, patience, kindness, and abundance.
I am also loved with painful storms to grow me and prepare me for the mission God has in store for me to bring Him all the glory in His perfect timing according to His Philippians 4:19 riches.
Because my Jesus wore a crown of thorns and was publicly mocked, flogged, scorned, and crucified for me… I get to wear a crown of precious gems in His Kingdom and humbly lay it at His feet in Sweet Surrender and Holy Worship…
One Day At a Time ❤️