Hunger Games

Some days like today I have difficulty distinguishing between actual physical hunger versus an emotional need that I am attempting to fill with food.
As already mentioned... today is one of those days.
The good news is I am mindful of this concern, and am choosing to observe it with a non-judgemental curiousity; as I process precisely what it is that I truly need. At the closing of each YouTube video I remind the listener and myself that "Life is full of choices. Choose wisely."
Here in this case, I am presented with myriad options. By the way, I ALWAYS want to insert the word "of" after the word "myriad" even when it is not grammatically correct. It just sounds wrong to me without a preposition after the word. To be honest, even after researching the correct grammar use for the word "myriad" it is still clear as mud to me.
NOW onto the options for this current dilemma "to eat or not to eat... that is the question."
Some of the options include:
1. Fasting -- being reminded on a visceral level how much I need God's provisions day in and day out-- driving me to cling to my Creator in need, trust, vulnerable dependence like the CHILD of GOD that I am.
2. Eat. Satisfy my physical hunger with preferably healthy meal prepped snacks full of wholesome healthy protein with little to no sugar or other added unhealthy ingredients.
3. Explore my emotional needs. Ask myself the questions a) Am I bored? b) Am I lonely? c) Am I tired? d) Am I angry? What feelings am I attempting to stuff inside along with my snacks?

H.> hungry 
A.> angry 
L.> lonely 
T.> tired
4. Move my body, meditate, write in my journal, listen to calming or energizing music, access creative flow, sit in the boredom or uncomfortable and accept what is, be productive at work, help another person, deliver a positive encouragement via text, card, email, post-it note, social media post, YouTube video, blog post, phone call, or in person.

5. Rejoice and Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-17
For now, I think I'll smile at the thought of God's promises and mindfully enjoy the tiny indulgence of a Dove dark chocolate promise as I pray for the knowledge of God's Will for me and the power to carry it out today.


  1. Solution: The Jesus Diet on the Grateful Gwen Channel at YouTube in the Power of NOW!


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