Do you ever feel like your life is simply a balancing act?
Trying to balance your personal life with your professional life for example...
Side note: I recently deactivated the Etsy listings for the Grateful Gwen CONFIDENT bracelets pictured above. There didn't seem to be much interest in ordering them, which is perfectly okay with me. However, if you would like one as a gift to remind yourself to practice positive self-talk and daily affirmations or declarations to yourself, please contact me through the CONTACT GWEN form located on the homepage of this blog site.
Back to BALANCE... the latest thought I had on this topic was regarding the story of Peter denying his affiliation with Christ three times before the cock crows, as Jesus predicts before His crucifixion: First denial John 18:17 Second denial Matthew 26:69 Third denial Luke 22:58.
Personally when I imagine the gravity of Peter's guilt and shame in the moment of recognition when his third denial occurs and Christ's prophesy is fulfilled, it makes my heart heavy with deep empathy for Peter.
How many times have I been in a conversation with someone when I act and speak "worldly and fun" to fit in and not be seen as the "Jesus Freak" that I truly am? How is this any different from what Peter does? The BALANCE I am consistently seeking FIRST simultaneously with His Kingdom [Matthew 6:33] is to:
LOVE GOD LOVE [ALL] PEOPLE while being in this world, but Not Of This World (NOTW)-- Meaning-- I desire to be authentic (keeping it real) and relatable (fun); while at the same time remaining a faithful Christ follower in everything I say and do.
In referring to the event of Christ's crucifixion mentioned in the scriptures cited above, it is important to point out that this monumental occurance is a historical fact documented in myriad reputable, indisputable, reliable sources equally accepted by believers and agnostics alike. The point is, the only question (and the most important one in my meek and humble opinion) you need to answer for yourself is this one: IS HE RISEN and what does that mean for you personally?
Pictures to the right below taken at The Grove Community Church located in Riverside, California, USA.
Hope to see you soon at the link below where we will be reading THE JESUS DIET together. In reality, it is not really a diet at all, but is actually an abundant new covenant way of LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE!!!
Photos to the left below taken on Gray's Peak Trail, Big Bear Lake, California, USA
+ Maggio's Pizza (Big Bear Lake)
+ Our humble home (Inland Empire)