"Acceptance" is my key word for this day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it-- Psalm 118:24. Trusting the process of accepting the things I am unable to control may sound like a cringeworthy act for some people. But for me it equals serenity. Letting go and Letting God have dominion over my life is the single most liberating choice I have ever made! It may sound contradictory, but in my world nothing makes more sense than that total voluntary submission.
I guess that's why certain followers refer to this concept as the "Upside Down Kingdom." Seeming contradictions that make no sense on the surface, like many of the parables Jesus shares in the book of Matthew, actually contain a great deal of wisdom. This simple fact may be why many agnostics still respect Jesus as the wise man that he was while living amidst fellow humans on Earth, and ever since that time in history. For me personally, it almost pains me to type the word "was" in that last sentence. Because HE IS currently providing wise counsel from my perspective. However, I can ACCEPT the use of "was" because past tense does apply to Jesus serving in the capacity of a human man on Earth. That role has indeed already been fulfilled. It is finished-- John 19:30.
Tomorrow is the first day of rolling out "The Jesus Diet" by Terry Toler.
Hope you are able to join us!
See you soon! :)