Lifelong Learner here.

I really dig this EDM music.
Unfortunately it is associated with RAVES which are linked with illegal drug use;  and in this particular case, alleged underage sexual abuse charges as well. And the truth is I don’t want to be associated with any of those activities listed above.
So today, I will remind myself that everyone makes mistakes, and I will choose to learn from mine. As the age old idiom goes, I will not "throw out the baby with the bath water" by deleting my recent bassnectar #short or Today's strategies 62 & 63 on YouTube @ The Grateful Gwen Channel

 based on the article I just read on Rolling Stone about this particular EDM group. However, I will be much more careful and discerning with which music, brands, people, and products, I choose to represent or indirectly have represent me moving forward ONE DAY AT A TIME.
My mantra today pictured above.
Life is full of choices.
Choose wisely. 

*Things to Remember* [Today] Tomorrow is a New Day* Making mistakes is part of life* Saying no is Okay* Not everyone has to Like You* Beauty & Strength come from [Christ] within***