Philippians 4

If you have watched or listened to any of my recent YouTube videos, then you have probably heard me welcome you and invite you to join our Philippians 4 Meditation and way of life on The Grateful Gwen Channel.
In addition to a Philippians 4 Life, I invite you to experience a Philippians 1:6 life as well.
 I am CONFIDENT that He [God] is faithful to complete the good work He has begun in YOU!

One day at a time …
It is truly an honor and a priviledge to practice this way of life.
Setting ego aside for His Glory...
ETSY link for CONFIDENT positive daily affirmation bracelets located in link tree at the top of the YOUTUBE channel and linked at the top of this website as well as embedded in the photos located on the right margin of this site when viewing the homepage from a computer.
Or here:
Fruit of the spirit
This is how we do it...
More will be revealed @ the Grateful Gwen Channel