In this morning’s strategy 47 on the Grateful Gwen Channel, I mentioned the word “community.”
And though I haven’t established that YET in the comments section of these videos ONE DAY AT A TIME; it is part of my vision for this channel.
With today’s topic of replacing self-defeating thoughts with positive affirmations and a Philippians 4:13 Life, I am CONFIDENT (Philippians 1:6) that this goal of Community will come to fruition, bearing fruit for His glory!
Hopeful for what the future holds!
And even more excited about the Power of NOW!
You are invited to comment, ask questions, provide helpful feedback, and connect with others in this Safe Haven!
Thank YOU to the 1K subscribers already showing up!
And please join us, if you haven’t subscribed already! WELCOME! :)
On a side note related to the importance of community, we watched an Amazon Prime movie last night called "Small Group." It was a bit cheesy with B or C listed actors at best, but we found it intriguing nonetheless. My husband described it as a "mockumentary;" a term which I was not familiar with until watching this film. It definitely fits! The film depicts modern day Christians through a bit of a mocking perspective intitially. I shyly admit, I saw some of myself in those characters portrayed as overly enthusiastic naive and/or judgemental geeks and nerds. In spite of the less-than-kind mockery, the movie definitely had some value and enough redeeming qualities that I would recommend it. No spoiler alerts here, just this... Whether you are a Believer or not, this film may be worth your time.
Once again, Lifelong Learner here... In reviewing the analytics on YouTube Studio, I am learning that not only is there a difference between Shorts and Videos; but there is also an important distinction between Longform (over 10 minutes) and Shortform (under 10 minutes) videos. I thought creating daily content under 10 minutes was a positive thing. According to YouTube standards, it does not meet their minimum monetization requirements which include over 1K subscribers plus over 4000 viewing hours (not including shorts or shortform videos) in under 12 months. So many technicalities...
Granted, my Purpose Driven Life is to produce any and all content for my Audience of One to bring Him glory, not to make a profit. If it is God's Will for this to become a business to help me transition into retirment after 35+ years working for the school district, then I will gladly welcome that opportunity. However, if it continues to be a non-profit healthy Helping Ritual (Strategy 45 #dontsweatthesmallstuff), I am okay with that as well. Living a Philippians 4 Life
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