Passing the torch today...
I'll get back to what I mean by that in a bit, BUT FIRST...
No, not coffee haha, but I am in fact enjoying that simple pleasure as I write this entry as well. :)
Today on Alistair Begg's TRUTH FOR LIFE study in the book of Esther, he made mention that perhaps some of Shakespeare's tales of tragedy were inspired by the murder conspiracy story found originally in this well known Bible Story. Furthermore, he shared his commentary on the great MYSTERY of God using the FREE WILL of wicked people's sins to ultimately implement his plan for the greater good. 

 It is a common discussion in our household to ponder the seeming contradiction of God knows all (Omniscient) and is the alpha and omega in charge of ALL (Sovereign) and YET we still have the freedom of choice in our gift of free will. It truly is a mystery. But it is one that we both choose to accept as we have each seen God working in our own lives to turn our mistakes into beautiful blessings in HIS PERFECT TIMING according to HIS higher ways--Isaiah 55:8-9. IN GOD WE TRUST-- Romans 8:28.
Regarding the proverbial passing of the torch, I am experiencing the Philippians 4 PEACE which passes understanding; as I am reminded of 3 recent poignant examples in my life personally where God has called me to "pass the torch" of responsiblity to another. He leads me beside Psalm 23 still waters and I get to experience the unique (designed just for me) precious, quiet intimate moments washing the feet of Jesus with my tears drying them with my hair, followed by the aromatherapy of fragrant perfume and oils. Luke 7:38
The first example was a simple one of passing the commitment of providing birthday cards and presenting cakes at a weekly volunteer community organization. In this case I literally passed my electronic lighter (torch) pictured above to the next volunteer assuming that responsiblity; in turn freeing up more time in my schedule to pursue Christ together with my husband. The second recent metaphorical passing of the torch is related to my Mom's care. I will still be actively involved in her care daily to the extent that I am able to provide in this season of my working life. As for the professional care needed at this time, I have for the time being passed that torch of responsibility to my older siblings. And the third torch passing involves my first husband and the wonderful amazing love he now receives from his NOW wife as they enjoy unlimited sporting events and hosting big family functions together to name a few of their many exciting adventures together living their BEST LIVES and being loved in the healthy way each one of them deserves. There will be a fourth torch to pass, when the time comes that I am [God-Willing] able to retire from my counseling profession after serving well over 30 years in the field of education. In the interim I am keeping my eyes wide open for remote opportunities to continue using my spiritual gifts on into my retirement years so that I may remain a productive member of society. Without PURPOSE there is no point to this challenging existence in my humble opinion. Therefore, I will REJOICE and answer the loving call to live out my purpose until the day of my last breath.
The reason for the Bridgestone Big Rig image and the rain images from this cold, gloomy morning is THIS-- On the commute to work, I was momentarily meditatively mesmorized by the long snakelike ribbon of cars slowly moving together like we were packed tightly into a can of sardines emulating more than two strands of a double helix DNA model... Then I saw the message as I read these words on back of a Bridestone Tires 18-Wheeler Truck:
In that moment I realized that we are all members of the same body. Whether we are describing The Church and The Body of Christ, or we are simply acknowledging the collective body of the human race... WE ARE ONE TEAM ONE PLANET in our quest to leave this place better than we found it for future generations... Or for building THE KINGOM OF GOD depending on your personal Spiritual beliefs.
Or perhaps, like me, you endeavor to work toward both goals in your PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE.

Disclaimer: I was at a complete stop when photographing all (but one) of the rain images... No longer using my phone while actively driving (mostly) ;) We claim Spirtual Progress, rather than perfection.