Passing the Torch

Part 2 

A work in progress... in the power of NOW I am slowly, mindfully sipping on a cup of Kona coffee, allowing the fresh organic papaya stuffed with shredded pineapple, yogurt, thin banana slices and almond slivers to digest as I am enveloped by all the sights, sounds, smells of this peaceful rain forest.
Life is good.
My husband is thoroughly enjoying a gravel bike ride exploring this side of the island giving us each some cherished quiet solitude to experience the unique personalized kisses from our Maker provided especially for each of us.
It is incredible how well Jehovah knows me and loves me. 

Trust me. It's not all rainbows and butterflies. 
My God humbles me regularly as well. 
Last night was one of those times, as I cried on my husband's shoulder and released the enormous weight I have been carrying metaphorically; with the bright hope of soon releasing the extra weight literally.


As I age and Prioritize Peace in my life; I continue to metaphorically “pass the torch” of certain roles and responsibilities to other strong capable hands and hearts. 
In this case, I am passing the primary daily care of my one and only biological Begotten Beloved Son Cobi to his new Bride 👰🏻‍♀️ Erin.  

Matthew 17:5      Isaiah 42:1   
 Ephesians 1:6    
2 Peter 1:17       Psalm 2:7       Matthew 3:17  

This has actually been a gradual process over the past decade, truth be told. 

Naturally I will always be here for both of them should any need arise that I am able to assist with, until my last breath (and then some…;) 

This like so many other previous blog posts of mine; 

and like myself will be a “to be continued” work in progress over a period of time.
For now I will leave you with this thought to consider… How do you PRIORITIZE PEACE in your life?
On an unrelated note: 

The truth is I probably share way too much of my personal life publicly… considering how much of a private introvert I truly am.

The reason for this choice is based on my Philippians 4 Purpose Driven Life with the HOPE that what I share here… 


on the Grateful Gwen Channel may serve as a positive encouragement for someone struggling with the challenges of life on life’s terms.
It is well with my soul.
Praying a special Numbers 6:24-26 Blessing over you and yours today.