The truth is I have had a fear of analyzing data professionally for most of my career based on ignorance, plain and simple.
I was always afraid that my weakness in math would present a problem for me understanding the information. Or that the feedback might reflect poorly on my performance as a result of my related personal insecurities and distorted perception. But the TRUTH is data is helpful. KNOWLEDGE is power. Self-evaluation and Personal Inventory is EMPOWERING and leads to PROGRESS and Spiritual Growth! On this International Women's Day, I am FEARLESS and welcome the facts that lead to BEING better! In analyzing the data for this blog today, I discovered that in the past 24 hours, there have been over 700 views. That is an unusual spike. Another unusual fact is that over 300 of those views were generated in Iran. Not sure why this is the case. It causes me to lift one eyebrow and ponder "Why?"
Past 24 Hours:
The acknowlegement of "International Women's Day" evokes a lot of thoughts and questions for me as well as celebration. Although I did post a couple "stories" on social media in addition to this blog post, I will no longer be adding any other posts for this event or National Son's Day or National Daughter's Day or National Popcorn Day, or National Coffee Day or any of the other National or International excuses to create more social media posts to be a part of a universal shout out! Though I sincerely appreciate and adore all of the above categories absolutely entitled to special recognition; I am choosing to abstain from the bandwagon and these particular social media cultural norms for the purpose of being [Jeremiah 1:5] set apart. Life is full of choices. For those of you who choose to continue to celebrate these comforts, badges of honor, and countless more with public posts, I say CHEERS! :)
Moving forward, I will choose to privately enjoy precious moments of basking in these simple pleasures life offers in the power of NOW!
The images below contain data for "all time" ... as in -- since the conception of this blog until today 3/8/23:
All Time International Locations:
Obviously this information is more relevant to me than I expect it is for you, the reader. However, my encouragement for you is to be brave enough to evaluate your own data. Take a personal inventory and examine the areas where you may be able to improve. Don't be afraid to ask yourself the challenging questions, and hold yourself accountable to a higher standard. Take CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (rebukes) from reliable, trustworthy sources as fuel to motivate you to ROCKET forward into the next dimension of an even BETTER reality! Proverbs 27:5