Sphere of Influence 
Tonight I was thinking about different social media posting styles which led me to contemplating the variety of ways to influence others either positively or negatively based on our actions… which of course speak louder than words. 

Clearly, Instagram became popular based on the concept that a picture is worth a thousand words. Often times,  the other captions and political agendas found in other forms of social media are merely superfluous at best, or destructive at worst. 

My first thought regarding different types of posting styles was that sometimes my social media posts are like most people’s stories — temporary in nature. 

I may know that a particular post is intended to be displayed only for a short time, and will later be removed. I allow myself permission to delete any material as needed. 

That said, I still advise you and me to proceed with caution because even when we delete something it can (and most likely is) potentially still floating around out there in cyber space somewhere. 

There are those like my kids who post rarely, as in “once in a blue moon” of significant life events or extraordinary memories created. 

Then there are the daily posters like me.  

Neither approach is right or wrong. 

However, what’s even more important is to ask ourselves THIS question: 

Specifically WHAT am I doing to positively influence, uplift, and help other humans —entirely altogether behind the scenes of ALL forms of social (or other) media broadcasting? 

Strategy #8 Do Something Nice for Someone Else and Don’t Tell ANYONE About It. 

With the non-stop rain, cold, and even some snow we have been getting this weekend here in  [typically sunny] Southern California, yesterday I took advantage of it. 

Choosing a cozy movie day I discovered a couple films that could be considered influential on what to do and also what not to do; 
regarding relationships, purity, and making the best of the choices we make and the lessons we learn. 

Life is full of choices. 

Choose wisely my friends. 

What kind of Influencer are you? 

What Acts of Kindness will you do today without telling ANYONE about it? 

Until next time… 

Take Good Care :)