This particular post is going to be all over the place like my current random thoughts. 
Please bear with me if you will… 
Not too long ago, I shared in a post titled “New Book” the reasons I won’t be writing one. 
However, IF I was to change my mind on that, I believe the book would be based on my Philippians 4 Life and maybe include a Psalm 23 lifestyle supplemental chapter.  Those two chapters pretty much sum up the purpose for my brief existence on this planet. 
These references bring us to the next question which is THIS: 
Is The Holy Bible considered a fiction or non-fiction work of literature? 
This topic came up on a podcast I was trying out this week in an effort to change up my daily work commute in some small way.  The admittedly thought-provoking podcast is cleverly called “If Books Could Kill.” Michael Hobbes posed the above question and then quickly brushed over it with an ugh-were-not-gonna-go-there kind of proverbial wave of his hand effectively swooshing it away. 
But it really got me thinking. 

A lot. 

Naturally I had to research it. 

In a nutshell this is what I discovered: 
To the Athiest it is fiction. BUT to the secular or Christian Librarians, the Bible is shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System NOT in the fictional Myth section; but rather next to it in the nonfiction Religious section. 
For some reason I struggled with the title for this post. None of my ideas seemed to fit just right. So I settled on “Vlog” because that’s one of my daily activities that is helping me to sustain my Philippians 4 Life of contentment, joy, and peace regardless of my circumstances.