The Whale

They (whoever “they” are) say God works in mysterious ways.

My PURPOSE of existence is to show you how  it’s TRUE in my life. 

Last night was date night. 

We had two powerfully moving experiences back-to-back. Each carried opposing messages related to God and His Word. 

The first half of our evening was devoted to attending church and praising our Maker.

We chose to visit a different church than our usual home at The Grove ( this weekend for a Saturday evening service. 

My husband and I ventured out in the heavy rain, along with many other believers to Sandals ( listening intently to a good word from dynamic, energetic, faithful Pastor Matt Brown.

 The message was titled “Why I need God’s Rules in my Life.” I highly recommend investing the time to give it a watch/listen to learn about the absolute NEED for both LAWS and LOVE in equal parts:

Rather than review and repeat the entire sermon, I will simply provide a brief synopsis for you. 
Essentially THE CHURCH (all Christian based faiths) historically errored too far on the side of The Law ultimately [literally] killing people over religious principles! 

Today, We, as THE CHURCH have swung to the other extreme on the pendulum choosing LOVE over the The Law (Life with No Rules) resulting in chaos, confusion, increased anxiety, and depression. 

Both extremes are harmful. People fail. Over and over again —- people fail. Romans 3:23

But GOD never does! 

Once again, we NEED both the LAW (God’s Word) and LOVE (God) in order to PLAY (by the rules) and WIN in LIFE! 

After attending Sandals church, we went to the movies. We chose The Whale staring Brenden Fraser — A Film made by Darren Aronofsky based on a play and book by Samuel D. Hunter. 

This movie is incredibly thought-provoking and deeply disturbing on a number of levels. 

Brenden Fraser, as well as Sadie Sink, Hong Chau, and Ty Simpkins display phenomenal acting talents in this evocative film.  The prosthetic make up artist Adrien Morot also deserves to be recognized for an impeccable realistic genius work of art! 

Faith or Lack thereof is a central theme throughout this movie. It was a perfect transition or rather detransition from the message preached earlier this evening by Pastor Matt on the importance of God’s Rules to the message of LOVE over God’s Laws and the absolute failure of ALL human beings (myself included.) 

This movie breaks my heart for so many reasons. 

Why shouldn’t we be able to love who we love? 

And what about the two greatest commandments? 
Matthew 22:34-40 

As we processed the ramifications from this film on the car ride home, I started questioning my core beliefs and values— losing my religion— so to speak. 

My husband also struggles very much with reconciling our Christian taught principles with the gay people we love. 

This is where we come full circle back to the statement at the top of this post. 

God works in mysterious ways. 

Most of the ride home, I played “Devil’s Advocate” and rambled on and on about all the arguments against religion — especially Christianity! 

As I am ranting in similar fashion to this run on sentence about each of our respective past divorces making us an abomination; and how God abhors divorce rendering us no better than any other sinner in this fallen world…

My Ephesians 4:2 husband calmly acts as The Spiritual Leader of our household —the one thing I have longed for my entire life [Psalms 37:4] — as he reminds me through a worship song to simply trust and obey. 

Granted, to the “unbelievers” out there, I can only imagine what judgement you may be presently mentally spewing at me over this appearance of ignorance, brainwashing, hypocrisy and stupidity for believing in such fairy tales and mythology. 


However, the peace that washed over me as my husband led me back to The Cross, and then loved me the way God intended for a husband to love and cherish his wife is an indescribable Philippians 4:7 gift. 

In doing so he demonstrated the way God loves and adores us so much so that he gave us John 3:16-17.  Verse 17 is equally as important as the well known eternally saving gospel message in verse 16 — 

Please don’t miss out on THIS encouraging word from our Heavenly Father John 3:16-17:

16) For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life. 17) Indeed, God did not send the Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

My husband isn’t perfect. In fact he probably won’t even take the time to read this blog post or watch my latest YouTube video (link above.) 

But I have learned over 50 plus years of life that expectations lead to resentments.  So I release him of those expectations for my own mental health and peace of mind. 

I also acknowledge that only ONE can satisfy my every need and desire. That ONE provided my Christ-centered Loving Husband and I am eternally grateful for him. 

There is ONE who has ALL POWER, may you find Him NOW 🙏🏼

P.S. To those of you who have been messaging me through social media, a gentle reminder that I fast from Instagram and Facebook on Sundays. 

So if I don’t respond right away,  that could be the reason. Or perhaps it could be that I previously viewed your messages prior to this Sabbath and qualified it as SPAM; therefore choosing to ignore and delete the unnecessary minutia from my peaceful existence. Praying for you all with the love of Christ, in Jesus’ name, Amen.