New Name

Part 2
Thank you Melissa Baker, fellow blogger of “A Lot of Little Bits of Love” for your comment on the New Name post [Part 1] Truly appreciate it! 
Unfortunately I was unable to reply directly to your comment on that post before choosing to "Unpublish" it.
 Again, Blogger took the liberty of changing all the font on that post to a dark, unreadable color, as they would for someone committing plagerism by copying and pasting another person's work. It's not their fault. How could they possibly know that I am only copying and pasting my own work and not someone else's work?
Instead I will attempt to respond to your thoughtful comment here my friend.
Like you, I also have made the choice to keep my last name from my previous marriage professionally. After being referred to as Mrs. ______________ in the same school district for over 20 years and for a variety of other reasons it makes the most sense for me. Unlike you, I have remarried, and it is an important fact that is not lost on me. I realize honoring my husband means taking on his last name. And a big part of me really wants to do it for that very reason.
This dilemma is one more reason why it is so much less complicated to simply stay married. I could write pages and pages on all the detailed personal reasons why I have made the difficult choice I have at this time, but it is not necessary for the purposes of this post.
What is necessary is to explain the ways in which our Heavenly Father changes our names when we embrace our role as child of God. Throughout scripture there are several examples of this. But before we get there, I would also like to point out the safety and value of anonymity here, which is why I intentionally leave my last name(s) out of this blog altogether. Okay, so in doing more research on this fascinating topic, I have just discovered an even more comprehesive list of names changed in the Bible. Therefore, rather than list them all here, I will insert a link here to a well written article that frames them all for anyone who is interested:

Upon a Spiritual Awakening, my GOD renamed me "Grateful Gwen" as a daily visual reminder to live life with an attitude of gratitude for all He has done (and continues to do) in my life.
My parents named me Nora Gwen at birth. Similar to the name change Sarai to Sarah, my new name is a small, subtle change to represent my rebirth as a new creation--
-2 Corinthians 5:17.
Once again, Thank YOU Melissa for taking the time to comment on the original "New Name" post. I appreciate you, and fully support your choice regarding your name. Until next time... take good care. Life is full of choices. Choose wisely.