Life Changes. You can either embrace the changes or fight against them.
Life is full of choices…
Choose Wisely.
For example I used to drive a Jeep. Now I don't. Do I miss it? You betcha! Am I accepting it and enjoying the lower gas bills and less frequent stops at gas stations as a result of this change? You better believe it!
Praying only for the knowledge of God's Will and the power to carry it out.
The reason for the title "humbled" is because that happens to me quite regularly. And I thank God for it! The most recent example was last night when we were discussing and praying for a family member in Michigan who recently underwent a complex cardiac surgery. His heart was literally completely removed from his chest cavity and then returned to it's normal position and functioning during this procedure.
I don't know about you. But this information blows my mind! The fact that our medical technology has advanced to this degree and that surgeons are capable of performing such miraculous healing life-saving endeavors... Well, simply put, it humbles me. Anytime I start thinking I'm smarter than you, God reminds me there will always be someone smarter, wealthier, prettier, thinner, etc. God also reminds me that we each have our special gifts and talents from HIM, and they are to be used to bring HIM glory (not to stroke our own EGO.)
Once again, it's not about the number of dollar signs, likes, subscribers, followers, clients, accomplishments. Nope. It's about fulfilling our PURPOSE.