Fatal Flaw

You may have heard people share that the character trait they found most endearing and cute when they first started dating their spouse is the very same quality or traits that find most irritating after 20 plus years of marriage.
I used to believe my ability to mutli-task was one of my "superpowers," but now I know it's more of a character defect for me personally.

In learning more about minimalism as a lifelong learner, I am realizing that this applies to so much more than possessions. Minimalism also applies to eating habits (whole foods); and mindfulness in other areas of life as well--such as completing one task at a time.  
The reason I refer to it as my "fatal flaw" is because I know that if I continue to multitask on my phone while I'm driving it could ultimately lead to my death or the deaths of others.  
Adding onto my mental, physical, and spiritual goals, I will focus on taking the next indicated step in front of me, one carefully completed task at a time.  
Latest YouTube video above from Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge— narrated by me :) 
Ironically, even as I type this, I am pedaling my Cubii JR2 under the desk, multitasking again. Obviously I will make some exceptions along the way, when necessary for maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul.