It’s a dirty word. 
CAPTIVATING ❤️ (new video series) 
Books and WORDS fascinate me.
For example, the word CONSISTENCY is deemed “good” by most people’s standards. When we are consistent with our healthy choices such as clean eating, mental, physical, and spiritual exercise and fitness, we may say things like “Consistency is KEY”  or “Consistency is KING!”
However, when someone is described as “complacent” the implication bears negative connotations similar to the word “apathetic.”  

Apathy and Complacency indicate an individual has given up and no longer cares about improvement or growth. 

It may even suggest a level of depression.


I pray that you and I may avoid complacency and apathy in our lives; and that instead God would continue to stoke the fires of seeking knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual growth in my feminine heart and soul for the purpose of reflecting His Glory as His image-bearer! 
(Or masculine heart if that is the case for you, the reader.) 

Or perhaps you are struggling, confused, uncertain, ashamed, or defiant about your God-given gender? 

I’m going to “tread lightly” here, I promise…
January 2023 has kicked off a New Series from the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge on the Grateful Gwen Channel 
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A Woman’s Soul
Beauty Unveiled
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EVE and Jeremiah

Be encouraged Brothers and Sisters: 
Rather than fall into complacency or apathy— Use Your IMAGINATION! 
Embark upon a romantic ADVENTURE with your MAKER! 

He is calling YOU to run to Him in the power of NOW!