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We have settled into the comforts of marriage.
He may not buy all of my metaphorical chairs anymore 🪑 but I am still CAPTIVATING: 

 I needed to be reminded by my God this morning to lose any expectations I may be still be holding onto… 

Here’s 𝕎𝕙𝕪:
Because expectations lead to resentments. 

And resentments do not lend themselves to #theartofwellbeing 



In the beginning, my husband bought all of my metaphorical chairs.
It is a reference that can truly only be understood by watching the movie 🎥 #phenomenon staring @kyrasedgwickofficial and @johntravolta 
Essentially, my husband read all of my blog posts, watched all of my @youtube videos and liked 👍🏼 or loved ❤️ ALL of my #socialmedia posts. 
But as I mentioned— I’m a lot! And there are a lot of proverbial chairs to buy from this over active #blogger #vlogger #youtuber 
Once again I am reminded of the eternal importance and value 
of my #audienceofone 
My purpose is not to rack up views, likes, followers, subscribers, friends, or clients. 
My purpose is to bring Him all the glory and praise for He is worthy❣️
#tohimbetheglory 🙌🏼

Written and posted before we were married:
(To be fair, my husband still buys 99% of my metaphorical chairs.) 


The fact that this handsome God-fearing man literally flies across the country repeatedly to date/pursue/court me for marriage tells me I’m worth it.  No other man has made me feel worth it before.  This man makes me believe it with all my heart and makes me want to be ALL IN for him in return. 

1 John 4:19

If you’ve never seen the movie Phenomenon, this reference may not make much sense to you, but I’m just so unbelievably happy because he’s buying ALL of my chairs 🪑 🪑 🪑!!!

In the aforementioned movie the character George Malley played by John Travolta makes it a point to buy all of the hideous uncomfortable chairs handmade by Lace Pennamin played by Kyra Sedgwick as a demonstration of his love for her and everything she is all about.  When no one else in town has ANY interest or desire whatsoever to invest in any of her ugly chairs, George does.  He’s enamored and mesmerized and in love with the maker,  in much the same way I am in love with my MAKER.  Willing to look like a fool in front of everyone else, he proclaims his love as do I for my Jesus.

The man chosen for me by my Maker is showing this same kind of crazy love for me by investing his time, energy, resources, blood, sweat, and literally tears to buy my metaphorical chairs supporting me, encouraging me, loving me unconditionally heart, mind, body, and soul in a way like no other.  That’s how I know.  He accepts my crazy.  He finds my crazy beautiful. He was made for me. And I just can’t love enough the fact that he buys my chairs; and has absolutely NO desire to sit in anyone else’s chairs to compare.  He already knows there’s no comparison as our Heavenly Father (Daddy) arranged this relationship way before we had a clue! 
And for this we are GRATEFUL!