Self Care

"Self care isn't selfish." If you have not yet read or heard this modern day mantra, then kudos to you for staying off all forms of social media!
Having said that, I tend to agree with this sentiment. Similar to the instructions given by flight attendants when they direct passengers to secure the oxygen mask on themselves before attempting to place one on their child;
the concept here is that you will be of no help to another human if you have passed out from lack of self care.
Although it sounds counter-intuitive to help yourself before assisting your own child...
it is actually wise counsel and best practice. The same idea applies to enforcing healthy boundaries regarding saying NO to ministry opportunities when it is going to be too much for you--- ultimately causing you to be too busy and too exhausted to spend quiet quality time alone with Jesus.
Yesterday, I listened to a lunch time meditation from the CALM app in my car. It was centered around this same SELF CARE theme with the following quote: "When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no to yourself." Paulo Coelho #DAILYCALM
May sound selfish to some who recognize that self-sacrifice often comes with service… placing others needs before your own—washing the feet of others as Jesus modeled for us. 
And sometimes saying “NO” to ourselves is good practice, as in delayed gratification, and practicing minimalism and financial peace.
Ecclesiastes 3 BALANCE is the key. 
There is a time for all things.
Always an important reminder for those of us in "helping professions" to protect our peace, mental and physical health in addition to providing care for others.
Another helpful app I listen to in my car on the way to work is TRUTH FOR LIFE by Pastor Alistair Begg. On the drive this morning the message was titled CHRIST THE LORD (part 1 of 3) where Alistair opened with a concern that has crossed my mind every holiday season for years!
He addressed this notion that WE, the Church, in making all these fancy Christmas Programs draw the once-a-year Believers into our midst for just that-- ONCE A YEAR to contemplate our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Perhaps, it's actually twice-a-year for those who also show up for Easter. Some jokingly refer to this group as "Cheasters." In my online search for a clever meme image related to this, I found quite a few cute Christian humor memes to share with you ;) Why? Because it's important to have a sense of humor.

 YES AND because laughter is the best medicine according to the classic timeless Reader's Digest magazine.
Laugh at yourself. It's healthy. And unlike the Blasphemous Rumors spread by the iconic 80s band known as Depeche Mode, God does NOT have "a sick sense of humor." No, he has a perfect plan, with perfect timing that doesn't always make sense to our limited, tiny, finite human brains (myself included.)
This temporary life is way too short to endure without laughter. THANK GOD this is only the beginning of our Joy-filled eternity!!!
xoxo grateful gwen