New Book
The Power of NOW❣️

To be clear, I have no intention of writing or publishing a book. I’ve already shared some of my reasons for this, such as the fact that my ideas like me, are constantly changing and evolving; which is why I prefer writing here where I have the CHOICE to edit, add, or delete at any given time. 

Another reason is that most, if not all of the topics I would be interested in writing about have already been published in books.  

So I ask myself the question, why reinvent the wheel when it’s already out there rolling around just fine?!? 

Therefore, when I tell you there’s a new book project coming soon in 2023, I simply mean books I will be happily narrating and sharing with you via YouTube videos on the Grateful Gwen Channel for my Audience of ONE—
 and the handful of other subscribers who may or may not be interested in learning something NEW or at least hearing it from a different perspective. 

The first one is one I’ve already mentioned before,  so it’s really not all that NEW. 

But in past videos, I have said things like “I won’t read THIS (building the suspense tee hee)  book to you in its entirety, because you can read it yourself.” 

 Or “… because it doesn’t lend itself well to reading word for word on these videos.” 

Statements along those lines have been uttered from my mouth, because at the time the idea of you staring at my mug as I read an entire book to you didn’t sound appealing for you or me! 

But with the Holy Spirit Power of NOW after gaining additional talents

 for editing videos with voiceovers to add to any beautiful images of God’s Miraculous Creation, HE [GOD] has renewed my enthusiasm for what was another one of my life-changing books along my Spiritual Journey thus far…
Stay tuned! 


Generally speaking, I post a new YouTube video basically 365 days a year with few exceptions. ONE DAY AT A TIME. The exceptions would most likely be due to hospitalization or lack of internet service with which upload the video. 

Some days it may be a full length or live stream video. Other days it might be a SHORT.  Sometimes it’s a combination of more than one of those options on the same day. 

Statistically this is NOT recommended by the so-called “experts” for building a successful YouTube channel. 

Do I care? 

No, obviously not. 

Partially because I have a compulsive, addictive brain which tells me “Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing.”  

Also, because I find comfort in this replacement behavior that doesn’t appear to be harmful to anyone else on the planet as far as I can tell. 

Please correct me, if I’m wrong about that last statement. 

Another reason I don’t follow the advice of the Professional Monetized YouTubers is because I am set apart—Jeremiah 1:5– my end game looks a lot different than most of the others.  

The point of this particular rant is that with each video I usually end with the following sign off phrase (or something similar): 

“Until next time, take care. Life is full of choices. Choose wisely.”  

Why is it that I choose to say “until next time” instead of “Until tomorrow…”?!? 
 Since you and I both know the odds are HIGH it will be tomorrow! 



Proverbs 27:1 

But as believers we are promised a “next time” where HE is preparing a place for us if we choose to believe that.  

John 14:3 

In the meantime, here in the NOW, He is preparing us for that place.

The other reason I don’t say “until tomorrow” at the end of each video is because I am praying only for the knowledge of God’s Will for me and the power to carry it out one day at a time. 

If it ever becomes apparent to me that these videos are not it, I’ll walk away, hands 🙌🏼 in the air in full surrender. 


Because painful experience has taught me over the years that a surrendered life is the only peaceful life for me. 

Please don’t misunderstand me for one moment. 

Or as some might say “Don’t get it twisted!” 

That simply means surrender to GOD, not to fellow fallen human beings.  Romans 3:23