Be careful what you wish for… you just may get it!
Always talking about being an introvert who is “all peopled out,” I recently shared with my husband how I’m a little bit envious of my daughter and son-in-love this Christmas as they travel Europe just the 3 of them (including Drax the puppy) avoiding all the normal holiday celebrations.
So far this year, FaceTiming with them has been the highlight of Christmas morning as I’ve gotten more alone time then I bargained for… 

Hubby is working,  and my other kids have other family obligations for the morning. 

 So I sit by the fire and wait patiently for their joyous arrival; while Desmond, our miniature black panther hides out stealthily in his zucchini jungle.
Just received a message that they are on their way now, so this will be a to be continued… 
In the meantime, this has been the most difficult Sabbath yet to fast from social media. 
I know there are friends and family who are wishing us a Merry Christmas on Facebook and Instagram all day today. 
Unfortunately I am not able to respond. Those who have texted I have happily replied to with a variety of fun Bitmojis. 
I didn’t realize until after I had sent several that they say “Merry X-mas” instead of Merry CHRISTmas. Had I caught that semantics difference sooner, I would’ve chosen a different Bitmoji to send. 
It may seem like a minor thing to most people, but to me that and “Happy Holidays” are not greetings I choose to use for my own personal reasons.  To be clear, I am not offended when you do.  
I just prefer to say and send “Merry Christmas!” 
Life is full of choices.
Choose wisely.

More updates to come as the day progresses…

And that’s a wrap! 
My heart is as full as my over-indulged belly at the end of this special 2022 Christmas Day.   
Enjoyed quality time with family exchanging gifts and partaking in more than ample sweet treats. 
Maintaining some traditions such as a living tree, Sees candies, and a warm cozy fire even though our weather was plenty warm outside— a typical sunny Southern California Christmas for us. 
Started some new traditions welcoming more family members over for dinner and playing some new recently acquired games;  aiding us all in getting to know each other a little bit better than before. 
Overall I would describe this day as a success!
Thank You Emmanuel for this celebration of your birth—— reminding us that GOD is with us!
How was your Christmas?