Wind of Change

The 5 Love Languages
Ecclesiastes chapter 3 assures us that there is a time for ALL things. 

Last night with the time change while pondering thoughts about the powerful influence of my Dad-in-love on so many people, I admittedly didn’t sleep much. 

My two precious biological children recently posted stories about Gpa George as their biggest role-model.  Wow, what a wonderful way to honor such a beautiful man, and rightfully so as he earned such recognition. 

Was he perfect? No. Was he a man of strong faith and integrity with a HUGE heart for loving God and people? One hundred percent, YES! 

Dad spoke all five of The 5 Love Langauges fluently and consistently in all the 36 years he was for all intents and purposes my other Dad. 

Even after my divorce from his son in recent years while battling cancer, he made it a point to: 
1. Include me in the Family Christmas and other family gatherings [Quality Time.]
2. Bring one of his other sons over to my new home to trim all of our palm trees free of charge [Acts of Service.]
3. Give my new husband and myself his lawn mower and weed trimmer to maintain our yard as well as other Christmas and Birthday [GIFTS.] 
4. Hugs and kisses with each and every greeting [Physical Touch.] 
5. Tell me how much he loved me all the time [Words of Affirmation.] 

In addition to these gifts, Dad and his wife Gail made it a point to include a wedding portrait of myself with my new husband on their family wall mural at their lovely home.

Amazing Grace, how sweet it is ❤️

You may be wondering why this post is titled Wind of Change. 

This Sabbath morning, my husband read a devotional about the wind of change in our culture today,  including a poignant reminder of how God’s Word is the one thing that never changes over time. 

It made me think of the 80s song by the same name  recorded and performed by The Scorpions. 

This discussion prompted us to research the lyrics of this song where we discovered some interesting facts about the recent sinking of the Moskva. And that's all I am allowed to say about that on this blog at this time. 


Throughout The Bible, God uses wind to bring about change.
And I am thankful, grateful, and blessed by my Dad-in-love [with a heart for God like David]  to be  the biggest role-model for my kids and their father.

Until we meet again.